Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I HATE POTTY TRAINING. He peed on my blanket. My BLANKET. My special have-to-have-it blue blanket. He knew he had to pee, but instead of going to the potty he PEED ON MY FAVORITE BLANKET. I did find $3 worth of quarters in my wallet, though, so I was able to wash it. Of course that was after I had a hissy fit.

I've had a crazy two days, and I thought many times about how to explain it to my bloggy friends. And now I'm finally just chill and so I'm unable to articulate myself.

Night, y'all.


SB said...

you said it very well.
(I, too, have a favorite blue blanket....)

FXSmom said...

I have a fav blue blankie too...it's a Dallas Cowboys but that is still blue and soft and cuddly. It could be worse...my damn cat had kittens on it...at 3 am!! I gotta say I'll take pee any day...lol

I hope he gets there with this soon. He may just not be there yet. Matty was in pullups until he was 8. If it seems to be going no where in the next couple of weeks I'd reevaluate it and see if maybe trying in 6 months or so may help.

sarah said...

oh no! :( i hope it gets better soon.

Kristiem10 said...

Yikes! Your favorite blanket? I'd have been mad, too.

Laura said...

i love you, lion.