Saturday, December 13, 2008

If you haven't met Punkin in person lately, I suggest you check in with an episode or two of Curious George, aka: Punkin's new role model. George is so endearing; he is the heart and soul of toddlers. Also, he climbs on, well, anything with absolutely no fear or sense of consequence, like the child I found on top of the television Thursday. I've often said that Punkin clings to me much like those stuffed monkeys with the velcro hands and feet, and George is always sitting on the shoulders of The Man with the Yellow Hat. There's also the issue of being adorable beyond all reason even when he's naughty. And rather than stopping there, Punkin has -- of course -- started talking like him! As if we didn't have enough speech problems! Now it's all, "Eee eee, ahh ahh." So hilarious.

Punkin's also obsessed with stethoscopes. He's liked them for a while, but now he just carries them around touching everything. And when he gets to a person, he says, "Buh buh duh duh." At first I suspected this resurgence of interest in the stethoscope stemmed only from watching Curious George Goes to the Doctor, but his teacher told me she showed him "buh duh" the other day.

In messier news, an experiment of sorts was had involving Punkin and an orange slice. Maybe it's coincidence and maybe it's not, but he has been sick all day. I may never know what's causing the yuck, but he will never have an orange again if I can help it.

UPDATE: It's a virus. I found that out at 4:38 this morning. Need I say more?


FXSmom said...

Curious George isn't the type of role model I would want for any

Kristiem10 said...

lol, I don't know how many times I have said that Blake is a carbon copy of Curious George. He also loves that show.

Sarah said...

Quinn's still only interested in Baby Einstein. Maybe we'll steer clear of Curious George.