Friday, December 5, 2008

i'm almost ready to throw in the skivvies

Or, how many obscure references can I make to BMs and underwear in one post?

The kid refuses to poop in the potty, which is causing ridiculous amounts of laundry. Very. Stinky. Laundry. At $3 per load (HA -- LOAD!), it is not only annoying but a little expensive.

I have one more trick up my sleeve, which is to make a new potty chart specifically for pooping. Somehow I will make a picture that illustrates "dropping the kids off at the pool." I will hang say, five, in a row on the bathroom wall. Every time he goes, he gets a sticker. Then when he gets all five stickers, I will take him to the Children's Museum. By this time I hope he will learn the amazing awesomeness of eliminating into the potty versus the yuckiness of relying on his undie pants.

And in case you're wondering, I tried using a cookie yesterday and he couldn't have cared less. I mean, he loved the cookie but he still messed his underoos later. Since he asks me to go "play" approximately every 5.2 minutes, I'm hoping it will be a stronger incentive.

Otherwise I could use the whole, "poop in the potty or ask for a diaper to poop in" thing, I guess.

Sigh. I mean, maybe he's not ready, which is fine, except that: 1) he wants to wear undies (at least he did a week ago), 2) he brings me his messes, 3) he takes off his wet diapers, throws them away, and gets a dry one and 4) he's dry overnight and for as long as a few hours during the day and 5) he pees in the potty just fine -- he even stands up at school because his friends do. GRR. I know training takes a long time. I also know that I am an impatient person. =) I also believe that when I pray for patience, God gives me situations to practice tolerance, perserverance, and restraint. Sigh again.

Update: He just came in, took off his diaper [he was still wearing from school because they ran out of undies], asked to go potty, and peed. I'm thinking this is mostly a "multisensory processing" type of issue: aka, there are so many things going on at school that he can't clue in to the "need to go" feeling.

ROAR: Apparently, he didn't sit long enough because he #2'd everywhere. I officially throw in the whitie-tightie towel for the night and hand off my child to his respite worker.


Landon Andrew said...

Oh you are making me LOL! I will have to reference this part of your blog in the years to come for when my little one is doing the same thing. Oh, the joys. The funny thing is I understand everything you are saying in this!!

Holly's Mom said...

It sounds like a nightmare you are such a saint... BTW:

I gave you and your blog a bloggy award... "This Blog Measure's Up" come pick it up here:

Jennie said...

Gah. Hope it gets better soon. In related news, my word verification was "makedri". I'm not even kidding.

FXSmom said...

:( I wish I had advice but we still struggle at times too. I can send cyber hugs though....{{{{hugsies}}}}

SB said...

I trained Jonathan in this way when he was 3-4(now 20 years old and still hates to wipe....eewwww gross):

*bought him Barney underwear because he was ALL ABOUT that stupid dinosaur.
* Put my TV on a movable cart and pulled it up the bathroom door where he could see it while sitting on the potty.
* he would then sit there and watch 30 minutes of stupid Barney, during which time he would poop.
* I trained him like Pavlov's dogs: conditioning.
*Downside, even today, 17 YEARS later, he still has to go to the bathroom when Barney comes on.

I used to cry myself to sleep thinking he would be the only 20+ year old wearing Depends. It last forever when you're in it. Just keep up the good work. And ask family members to buy you laundry cards and packages of undies for Christmas.