Wednesday, December 17, 2008

status report

stomach: still queasy

acid reflux: raging

punkin: threw up today at school, possibly because an adult he felt uncomfortable with was too close to him. she's a .... vivacious? person and sometimes that's too much for people like us.

sensory diet: actually in the works. punkin's teacher, school OT, and I met today to discuss it. we're all finally in agreement. i think. more on that when it's finalized. if i forget to tell you and you want to know, ask me.

mommy brain: severe case. shall i define mommy brain for you? AHEM. the inability to focus on comparatively minor details such as the location of one's purse due to the influx of information from the environment, your child, and his other caregivers or teachers which is battling with your own core of knowlege and a mounting list of chores. symptoms include, but are not limited to the following: forgetting how to spell (i will choose another word rather than try to figure out how to spell the one i really want to type); leaving your son's backpack on top of the car so that it blows away into the snowy road and some kind soul hangs it on a fence nearby for you to retrieve 15 minutes later when you realize it's missing because your car ran out of gas and you are looking for his ducky blanket which should be in his backpack, loss of ability to fall asleep even when you really, really, really want to; and not knowing where or who anyone is (anyone. even yourself). usual onset: pregnancy. medicate with: wine. no cure -- once they take your brain cells, they are gone forever.

iep: tomorrow. one of the goals (sorting) has been met, one (prewriting strokes) has been partially met and punkin's teacher has a good approach for rewriting it, and one concerns his behavior -- ability to calm, ect. this, as you can guess, continues to elude him, and us. punkin's preschool uses handwriting without tears in addition to their math and reading curriculums. anyway, handwriting without tears uses a guy called mat man to help kids learn how to draw a recognizable object (a person). while it seems lofty to ask punkin to make mat man, i think she's right that he may respond more positively to this approach because he understands that he is building something -- there's a purpose, an end product.

oma and opa: best parents ever. they helped take care of punkin, drove him to school for me after i fainted (i'm sure i was just dehydrated), cleaned off my car multiple times, filled said car with gas, brought me water and blankets, and caught the virus! opa was sick for about 3 hours (jerk!) and oma is still recovering.

sleepy time time: has arrived


Sarah said...

I didn't realize that handwriting started in pre-school! Wow. I like your sense of humor about everything.

sarah said...

eek! i hope that you feel better soon. i'm sorry about the mommy brain, although i would be lying if i didn't say it made me smile just the tiniest bit. i know i don't have mommy brain (it's the grey hairs), but i have been losing, misplacing, and forgetting a lot lately so i'm glad i'm not alone in that.

hugs to you both.