Monday, June 30, 2008

eeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or, i got my computer back.

This is a fairly awful picture, but this is Punkin's schedule. And yes, this is the only place I could find to put a long line of velcro. That stuff is not good on paint.
My big girl bed, in desperate need of some new sheets and a comforter. Punkin didn't seem to mind the new bed. In fact, he didn't seem to notice the changes at all until after his bath when he asked to sit in the pink rocking chair in the corner that wasn't in the corner anymore. It's at Goodwill. And he tried to move his bed back where it was until I put it back where it used to be and showed him how I was moving it to the other (new) wall, hence proving that it was in fact the same bed after all.

An Alligator hat from Auntie Boo.
When you lift up the brim, there's a frog inside!

Giant sensory table at the children's museum.
Giant climbing aparatus at children's museum.
Woo-hoo! Giant 3d shapes at the children's museum! See a pattern with the giant-ness? I wish I had a picture of the giant sit and spin. SO awesome.
Woo-hoo! Velcro wall!
Brilliant artist. That's Oma, Opa, church, and the car. The part on the bottom is supposed to be the morning message like they write at school. I believe this one says, "We are going to play outside."

Friday, June 27, 2008

question of the day

i slept in my big girl bed!!! oh My goodness.

oma has lost her mind and decided to take punkin with her and my sister on july 4th weekend to indiana. the Entire weekend.

seriously. i am being made fun of for taking a proactive measure against alcohol abuse (ie: spilling) by drinking wine out of a plastic beer glass instead of a glass wine glass.

we went to the children's museum and discovered the gigantic sit 'n spin. and then we found the velcro wall with the 3d velcro shapes. Most Awesome Discoveries Ever.

we had ONE child in our room today. it was so fun. best day ever. kinda like the best week ever, except it was just one day.

i am DYING without my computer.

i set up a picture schedule for mr. punkin and his fantabulous respite workers to use to try and cut down on the whole throwing things at them thing. it is just a line of pictures, alternating between things he enjoys doing (dry erase markers, cars, and bubbles) and things he isn't so fond of (shape sorter, puzzles, and going potty). it's working really well. even on the days he gets super mad, he still completes each step so he can get to the end: a MOVIE!

question: what character was featured in a 1976 porno film entitled, "it's not his nose that grows"? (hehehehehehehehe....snort....hehehehehe)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

i spent way too much time giggling at these

wilkipedia has a great tour of elephant jokes -- everything from how they originated to an explanation of their structure and examples. well worth the read.

lessons i've learned

i have learned five things in the past two days.

the first is that it is virtually impossible to eat while watching the live-action version of charlotte's web.

the second is that i will never again question paying for accident insurance. punkin unplugged his personal dvd player, got mad that his movie had stopped, threw the player, and whipped the power cord at me. it didn't hit me, but it did hit my laptop screen. it is unusable. i have never seen anything like it. i wish i had thought to take a picture. the top left corner had about 1.5 square inches that i could read clearly. the rest was white and black shapes and stripes. the good news? i forked over almost have the purchase price of the laptop for accident insurance for three years. so i took it to best buy and they are fixing it for free. the bad news, of course, is that this takes about two weeks. so don't expect too much blogging.

the third is that i desperately need to rearrange my kitchen closet. i foolishly put his bubbles in the same box as my kitchen and bathroom cleaners. a box he never even touched before two days ago when he grabbed his bubbles along with a bottle of febreeze. not good.

the fourth is that sometimes i wish i didn't get child support at all. or at least that someone would have explained to me how to avoid paying ssi back $745 on top of the $150 i already "owe" them because child support was more than it was supposed to be. i know it's payback because i gloated about getting his tax refund. because i got it, we weren't eligible for any ssi in may. so now i have to pay them back for that month and part of another month (which i don't really understand). turns out i could have just called them in april and told them about the refund to avoid all of this. a - nnoy - ing.

the fifth is that i would rather ask for forgiveness for eating my dad's moose track ice cream from whiteys than ask for permission, which i won't get because he is on a cruise and has no cell phone coverage. come to think of it, i think his cruise and my ice cream are almost even. this ice cream is pretty good.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


1. Did you know you can take antibiotics for acne? Sweet, right? I'll let you know how it works. If I can afford to leave the pharmacy with the prescription. I heard it's expensive from someone who has the same insurance as me.

2. I decided that Deal or No Deal is the definition of insanity. People going on and on about how they're such good people and they believe in themselves and I know I chose the million dollar case. IT'S A GAME OF CHANCE. You could be a super sucky person and still win the lottery.

3. I don't like personalized liscense plates. Unless maybe it says something about Fragile X. But seriously. I don't care if you're Dan and Patty with four kids. Don't care. I feel like a jerky party pooper saying this, but I feel honesty is vital in building and sustaining our internet relationship.

4. AND my Aunt's school is going to have a Gene (Jean) Day on October 22nd. It's a long way off, but I want to get people thinking. I say we all have Gene Days at our schools or offices. People pay anywhere from $1 to $5 to wear jeans. We could make buttons. Keep ya posted. I am trying to get a logo that's an X that looks like it's wearing jeans, but, alas, I am no graphic designer. I may have a hook-up, though, now that I think about it. Hmmm. (Planning out what I will write? What? Why? No one can tell I'm rambling.)

5. Punkin had what was labeled as an 'explosion' in his diaper. Or out of his diaper considering there are stinkified clothes drying out in the bathtub. We got sent home early.

6. I think maybe it's not so good that I get all of my news from E!, general office chitchat, and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Perhaps I should add "watches the real news" to my list of things that will make me a real grownup.

7. In grownup news, I am getting ... wait for it ... a REAL bed. Right now I have a twin. Compact and sufficient though it may be, I am going to be 26 in August. Seriously. I should be able to sprawl across the great expanse of at least a full - sized mattress. The new bed is currently in my parent's garage awaiting their return from the giant cruise ship o' fun.

8. Did I tell you they have a consierge and a butler? To handle little annoyances such as making reservations and directing them to the captain's quarters. So spoiled.

9. Meanwhile, I am enjoying some pretty crunchy cookies. Despite my superior bakeware and superior refrigerated cookie dough, all of my cookies are coming up really hard. Really hard. Like someone across the room could hear me chewing.

10. I ordered a swimsuit. It's bad. And it's not just bad on me. Generally it is just a bad suit. But I feel deflated after I had just worked myself up to order the one. Blech.

11. Crunchity crunchity crunch.

12. I have forgotten how to spell. I just typed chrunchity. And I didn't catch it right away.

13. Punkin is so adorable. He was wearing a tank top the other day and I told one of the teachers at school to check out his muscle shirt. Well when I went to pick him up, he had already learned to "flex" and yell "muscles." I will try to catch a photo. So funny -- mostly because he has chicken arms. =)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

happy hour at a friend's house in the middle of a tuesday during respite is a good call. limiting happy hour to one drink is even better considering i had to come home and operate a stove, a bathtub, and a punkin.

in my case, and probably only mine seeing as how i can't find any info anywhere that says anyone else has experienced this muscle/nerve lunacy, it is ironic that cymbalta's tag line is "depression hurts. cymbalta can help." speaking of which, i called my doctor sunday morning and said, "the pain is gone, but i'm going crazy. i'm going to have to take my meds again." he's such a nice guy. he's on vacation and retiring in a few weeks, but he still gave me his cell phone number. so for now i am dealing with super sore feet and weird twitching in my hands and wondering what to do next. but at least i am happy and able to regulate my internal temperature for goodness sakes.

less you think i'm a genius, the "work" picture didn't fly today. when i came home from happy hour, the respite worker looked a smidge defeated and punkin was watching a movie. =) poor guy did his best and had to change a poopy diaper. and if you've ever changed punkin's diaper, oh, well, it's a chore -- if you can get him to stand in one place. cause, see, he either a) runs away and pees all over the floor, b) rips his diaper off, which flings poop on the floor, steps in the poop, and then panics because WHAA his foot is dirty c) flops about like a fish or d) wraps his sweet little arms around your neck and wants to cuddle and it's so nice but seriously not now.

happy hour (aka: New Orleans Hurricane)


1/2 cup ice
2 oz light rum
2 oz passion fruit flavored syrup
1 cup lemon-lime flavored carbonated beverage
1 oz lime juice
1 oz 151 proof rum


combine ice, light rum, syrup, soda, and lime juice in a shaker. shake well and pour into a hurricane or lother large specialty glass. float 151 on top of the drink. invite friends over. sit on deck in sunshine. enjoy.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

movie of the day: elmo's opposites

I finally updated Punkin's photo wall. When I first put this up he was maybe 18 months old. I don't think it took him long to catch on to the idea that 1) each picture represented an actual desired item and 2) if he gave me the picture, he would be rewarded with the item. I think the second part was more difficult. For a while I had to initiate the process by asking,"What do you want? Find the picture." It saved us both many times when he was on the brink of a meltdown and his limited speech frustrated the situation.

He mostly uses it now when he has respite workers or babysitters who can't understand him. And I am going to start using the potty and work time pictures to help him transition. The behavioral psychologist we saw suggested a schedule where he pretty much switched from work to play every few minutes. It involved setting a timer and manipulating a row of Boardmaker pictures or PECS. And while I think it's a good concept and I understand that the short times are to accomodate his short attention span (and are to be increased gradually up to about 20 minutes), it just isn't realistic for us right now. First because our respite workers change all of the time and second because he needs more time to transition. I feel like he needs at least two minutes to settle into an activity, much less start one, stop it, and start a new one. So I'm going to try giving him the generic work picture and then have him choose from two actual photos of toys -- for example a puzzle or nesting cups. (Can I make a prediction here? He will NEVER choose the puzzle.) I just think including a choice may help soften the blow of being pulled away from Elmo and Peter Pan. In a perfect world, the photos would probably show him performing the actions --eating and sleeping, ect. But it is not a perfect world. And maybe he's ready for something a little more representative? Time will tell, I suppose.

As for the no meds situation, I have only a little pain in my hands and the pain everywhere else has definitely lessened. However, I am very sleepy and feeling feverish. I imagine by tomorrow that my hands will be shaking and I will generally feel like an addict. Since I know I will always need medication for anxiety and depression, I feel very much in a hurry to find something that works. I've loved the way these past two meds have helped me emotionally -- far better than the two I tried before them -- so it's frustrating to have this side effect again. Argh. For now I am keeping comfy in my jammies and cleaning until I get too hot and have to stand in front of the fan for a while. Punkin, bless his little heart, slept until 6:15am and then took a 3.5 hour nap (I had to wake him up). Maybe he's growing?

Thursday, June 12, 2008

oma is holding me captive

Oma and Opa are leaving for Seattle tomorrow. Then on Sunday they are going to Vancouver where they will meet their CRUISE SHIP to Alaska. This type of long-term traveling makes Oma a wee bit nervous about packing. Which is where I come in. She claimed it was okay if I wanted to go home -- while she was giving me a pity "don't leave me" face. But I know she'd humor me if I was leaving for a week, so I'll continue to cut tags off all of her new clothes (which I did a fantastic job picking out) and pour her wine, err diet Coke.

In other news, the horrendous muscle pain has returned. My muscles feel sore and swollen, like I've been on a stairmaster for a few days. And the bottoms of my feet and the palms of my hand are tender -- like they're bruised. Totally weird. I talked to my doctor, who confirmed that it is possibly a side effect (again) of my (new) anti-depressants. So now I get to go cold turkey for a couple days and see if the pain goes away. Super fun!

Also, Punkin now has a black eye from falling on some concrete steps outside his school. And he fell (at Oma and Opa's) off the side of the stairs onto the couch and coffee table, striking various body parts on the way down. He cried for about 35 seconds and then picked out a movie to watch. He seems fine except for a scratch and some bruises. I, on the other hand, lost about 2 years of my life.

Monday, June 9, 2008

it's a sneeze!

Hehehehe. He made it in during speech time at school. His teachers are so brilliant. His classroom teacher made him a photo book of all the kids in the class, and it's so cute to watch him point to all of their pictures and excitedly shout their names.

We had a busy weekend. Well, Oma had a busy weekend. I went to a bridal shower while Oma babysat. And then I went to church ALL BY MYSELF while Oma watched him. And she watched him again today while I went to the doctor. I think Oma deserves a Baileys Ice Cream drink. =) Of course she is going on an Alaskan CRUISE next week, so I think all of this time with Punkin is preparation for leaving him for a week and a half.

Speaking of Punkin and Oma, he really likes watching The Aristocats at her house. The little girl cat says something about how she's a lady and her brother says, "You're not a lady! You're nothing but a sister!" And later she says, "Ladies don't start fights, but they can finish them." Such genius.

I heard from a friend we may be able to get Punkin a bigger carseat with a five point harness through medicaid. This is quite exciting to me, considering all of the ones I've seen cost at least $150.

Can I just say again that melatonin has changed our lives? Punkin eats dinner, I clean up while he watches a movie or plays, I give him a bath, we snuggle (for about 12 seconds), we put pajamas on, I give him his melatonin and prevacid (after which he hands me his pacifier to rinse it off because he purposely gets it 'dirty' with medicine), and he climbs into bed. We (I) say prayers, turn on a little fan for some white noise, and leave. He maybe gets up once to cuddle or "jump" (where he lies upside down on my lap). All of this by 7:15pm most nights. And he sleeps until between 5 and 6am. I know, I'm gloating. But SERIOUSLY. My life has been revolutionized. And I'm sure Punkin is happier now, too. He seems it.

Our bedtime routine is a little precise to say the least. But when it comes to our sleep, it's soooo worth it. Other times I don't necessarily give in to his strict guidelines. I think it's important to keep a predictable routine to keep him feeling safe and calm, but I don't want to shy away from shaking things up once in a while if he can tolerate -- which he luckily can, usually. For example, you won't find me allowing him to touch every single tree on route from our door to our car or from our car to the school. Because, let's face it, I am not that patient. But once in a while I'll stand and smile while he runs and shouts, "Tree! Tree!" I will allow him to sit in the same chair every night for dinner, but not always in front of the television. I'll rinse off his stupid pacifier every night after he purposely gets it messy, but I won't remind him if he forgets. Sometimes deviating from the routine ends in a major meltdown, not a bite taken at dinner, and mom pulling her hair out. Other times it ends with bright eyes and laughter. It's a constant struggle -- predictable, calm sameness and necessarily, unavoidable newness.

Friday, June 6, 2008

happy national dougnut day!

Krispy Kreme is giving away freebies! Ours closed, so I may have to fork over a couple bucks for a "nonut" on the way to work. Nonuts are Punkin's third favorite food -- burders and dot dogs are first and second. He once threw a temper tantrum off and on for two hours because I wouldn't give him "More. Nonut. Peas." Happy Friday!!!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

why punkin rocks my world

1. He scribbled a circle and sort-of colored it in, pointed to it, and yelled, "Buddah! (Opa)" He's drawing "pictures" and labeling them!

2. His aid and his substitute last week claim he recognizes T, P, and J and can tell them what sounds they make. Whenever I ask, though, I get, "ROAR!"

3. He asked for chalk and said, "I draw." I didn't know he knew either of those words!

4. He's using pronouns. Sometimes correctly, sometimes not, but still. He's using them!

5. He walks around in Oma and Opa's backyard in his own world, talking to himself. Which, by the way, he never stopped doing today -- talking, I mean. Not necessarily to himself. Oh MY Goodness. He wouldn't stop. Isn't that awesome? Talk talk talk. Anyway, Oma pointed out that he reminded her of me when I was a child. And even though I made a face at her, I have to admit she's right. I didn't have one imaginary friend who was always with me. I had an entire world of people who filled specific roles, like extras in a movie. To my sister's huge embarassment (so sorry), they showed themselves at school, church, the grocery store, and in my backyard. One time I watched an episode of Growing Pains and decided I needed to conjur up a permanent imaginary friend just like the little girl on the show. Her parents thought it was cute, and I thought mine would think so, too.

6. He likes showing off his toys to people who visit. This is especially exciting considering he always seemed apathetic in the past. He gets a smidge hyper instead. Just a smidge. You know, throwing cardboard blocks across the living room at my face.

7. He routinely picks up my bowls, pans, and spatulas and pretends to help me cook. I Love It.

8. He knew he needed a break from all the excitement today so he laid down on my bed all by himself. Later he put himself to bed. (Oh, the nap thing didn't happen today. BIG tears this afternoon from overwhelming tiredness.)

I am so proud of my Punkin.

On a completely different note, I had no idea so many people visited this blog. I installed a stat counter yesterday. Now, unless the same ten people check my site ten times a day (which I suppose is possible), there are a few lurkers out there. Show yourselves! Or not, it's cool. I don't always leave comments, either. I just feel like I need to write something more interesting now. =)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

duck lips and good days

dishes washed

three-year-old sleeping soundly with puffy lip (i am calling it a duck lip because, well, he looks like a duck)

floor swept (cottage cheese and rice -- Gross)

goldfish crackers fished out of carpet

puke cleaned off of shoe (he keeps barfing after he eats)

laundry washed, dried, and folded (almost put away)

chocolate discovered (in container in cabinet)

law and order viewed

obama win smiled upon

and there's an early dismissal tomorrow, so i get to wear jeans and (hopefully) enjoy an afternoon nap. i'll let you know how that goes

Monday, June 2, 2008

His first fat lip. It looks pretty ugly in person, but after the blood and tears ended, he ate lunch and took a nap. Now he is his same old self. I guess his OT was trying to put a paint shirt on him and he either didn't want the paint shirt or didn't want his OT (or both) and flung his head forward and hit the table.

mmmm ..... shades of summer