Wednesday, January 21, 2009

25 things

I was tagged to do this on Facebook, but I thought I'd rather post in on here since I'm feeling "meh" and making lists generally cheers me up.

1. This guy on Law and Order reminds me of a friend from college. I don't know what it is. But it makes me crazy because we always used to hang out at the bar together. So now every time I watch Law and Order I crave a beer.

2. No, just to maintain my dark and mysterious nature, I will not disclose whether or not I gave in to the nostalgic craving this episode.

3. Punkin has taken a few steps backwards in potty-training, which may or may not be partially my fault for not being diligent. He has, however, taken a giant leap forward in his ability to clean up. I told him to clean up his toys, walked away, and came back two minutes later find the blocks back in the bucket! Oh YAH. I thought it was a fluke, so I tried it again today WITH THE SAME RESULTS.


5. The ex's mom is going to have us come visit this summer. We just talked for 50 minutes. Every time it gets easier. She is a very nice woman with a kind heart and good intentions. I just don't want to say the wrong thing about her son and then cause a huge rift. I don't need no drAma. She's really the one person from his family -- including Punkin's dad -- who seems to care the most about us.

6. I miss my college friends something fierce. FIERCE.

7. Where is my beloved Project Runway? Why do network executives bicker and take away the loves of my life? WHY?

8. I used to think HGTV was the TLC wannabe, but now I love watching House Hunters and My House is Worth What? Basically all of their shows are the same, but whatever.

9. Remember how I used to blog from Panera while enjoying one of their 1,000 calorie sandwiches? The one with asiago cheese and chicken and caesar dressing and a tomato because I am apparently odd and love tomatos on my caesar salads? I live really far away from Panera now, so I settled for reading a book at the library's coffee shop. They have some delicious hot chocolate. The machine that makes it sounds like an airplane taking off overhead, but it's delicious.

10. I missed Law and Order, and my beer turned warm (OH MAN, I gave it away!) because I was talking to The Other Grandma. So how was it? Anybody?

11. I love bathroom and kitchen cabinets that resemble free-standing furniture, with the little feet.

12. I also love big, antiquey -- antiquish -- antiquy -- antique res -- err -- rings that are either actual antiques or which resemble antiques.

13. Two of my coworkers wanted to buy Punkin a snack from the snack machine when he let out a pretty fake cry after I broke the news that I didn't have any money. So he got some Cheez-Its. The kid knows how to work a room.

14. The medicine at night seems to be helping with his overly emotional reactions. He's sleeping a little longer, though, and then not taking a nap at school. So far he rests peacefully (!!) but just doesn't sleep. Overall I think it's been a successful switch. His teacher is gone this week, though, so I'm anxious to hear what she says.

15. Birthday Saturday! FOUR!! He's gonna be FOUR! Wow. That's all I have to say about that. Except that I bought him a very obnoxious present. It sings and dances.

16. When I was pregnant I had a nightly snack of raspberry yogurt, dill pickles, and cheddar cheese. Are you barfing yet?

17. I don't like smoothies made with milk. Yuck. Yogurt is fantastic, but not milk.

18. When I visit big cities, or even small ones I guess, I love just wandering aimlessly. When I visited Lion in New York, I had the best time riding the subway to a new neighborhood each day and just watching the people. Well, and DSW was pretty nice, too. I didn't do the Statue of Liberty or anything. Another day. (I feel like I told you this already. Oh well, too bad so sad.)

19. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Blizzard at Dairy Queen, Oreo Shake at Whiteys. I do not like Oreo ice cream. I love vanilla with chocolate syrup and sprinkles -- the round ones. It's a good texture combination.

20. This post is a little heavy on the food. Speaking of, I like mixing hot and cold. Have you ever dipped a hot french fry into a Frosty? I recommend.

21. I derive secret pleasure over watching Punkin squirm when presented with kush balls and spikey things when we're at the OT. He wants to badly to please his OT and touch them, but he just can't bring himself to do it. After some time he'll grab one strand of the kush ball and hand it to her, making sure to keep it far away from his body. I just giggle; it's so darn cute.

22. I love watching the swearing in ceremony every election; I think it's the peaceful transition of power. It's amazing, really. I turned it on during lunch yesterday. The kids were a little distracted, but it was nice to hear the prayers and the speeches.

23. I rarely have pleasant dreams anymore. Ugh. Thank goodness for medication.

24. I love to read. I will read anything. The back of the shampoo bottle, a magazine about diabetes, I don't care. If it's there, I will read it, especially if I am waiting. I want to turn off my computer and read actual books more often.

25. I love school and writing papers. I mean, I hate it but I love it. I miss the discussions from college. I don't miss being exhausted, though, because it was exhausting! So funny that I'd say that now as a single mom of a special-needs preschooler, but it's true. At least now I usually get a full night's sleep!


Anonymous said...

I am so with Punkin on the Kush ball thing. They totally freak me out. So do boas. You know those long fuzzy things dancers use around their necks. And that's another issue.... can't stand things around my neck.
Love, Aunt Patty

Jennie said...

You are totally my favoritest girl on earth, and this post illustrates why. You are so funny and awesome, it cracks me up! I agree with you on many of these, including french fries and Frosties. And you spelled antiquey correctly the first time, which just reinforces your awesomeness.

Landon Andrew said...

Oh, the koosh balls. The freak out Landon too. It is really cute to watch. I hear ya! :-) Love your list. I am getting better about updating my blog. It seems like time gets away from me! :-)

Sarah said...

Great list! I hope you're feeling less "meh" now.

Holly's Mom said...

You have been given the Honest Scrap Award. Check out the details @ Holly Daze.