Saturday, January 17, 2009

disney on ice = success!


The show just started and he already had Fraggle Ears!! During intermission he kept asking "More? Cars? Mom? More? Der?" while pointing to the curtain. I think he liked Mickey Mouse and Donald the best, though. He got a BIG smile when he saw Donald come out.

The super-expensive cotton candy came with a rubber Cars hat. Of course, he wouldn't wear it on his head or eat the cotton candy -- so I did!

He couldn't take his eyes off this lady when she was flying around during the Tinkerbell part (which was a little long for my liking -- I would have rather seen more cars). I don't know how they skated in their outfits. They were CRAZY! I'll have to find more pictures on Oma's camera so you can see them. It was wild. For the voices they piped in stuff directly from the movies or from what I'm assuming were other recordings.

He was very tired by the end of the show, but all the excitement and MAJOR sensory input made for a restless night. So now he's happily napping after a quick trip to the grocery store -- we needed ketchup. Have I mentioned that I can walk hand-in-hand with him through the grocery store now? And he holds my hand. And he listens. He even picks stuff off the shelves that he wants. Like the cookies that I said no to just before we came home for his nap.

Man, I really wish I had a cookie. *Sigh*


AccessDNA said...

Thank you for sharing your story about Fragile X - it's such an important issue.

Holly's Mom said...

I am so glad that he was able to stay awake and had a fun time!

Anonymous said...

So glad you had fun!! And yahoo that he will hold your hand. That is so awesome!!
Love you both, Aunt Patty

Anonymous said...

I can't begin to tell you how much fun it was watching David enjoy the show. He was totally mesmerized.
He had some big yawns towards the end, but he wasn't going to fall asleep.


Jennie said...

I was totally amazed to hear about walking in the grocery store. That is fabulous.

TheXMom said...

How wonderful that he is able to walk alongside you holding your hand thru the store. My oldest (5) can occasionally last thru a shopping trip, but only if he gets everything he puts in the cart. If No is mentioned at all he has a tantrum.

Sarah said...

Great pictures! Looks like a fun night. And wow about holding hands in the grocery store.

Laura said...

That sounds AMAZING!!

Anonymous said...

Ooooo... I may have to try Disney on Ice for Reagan! She didn't do too good at the hockey game. -Jill