Tuesday, January 13, 2009

i really need to make him a new schedule board

So, I've pretty much ruined Punkin's entire afternoon. He is soooo dramatic. No idea where he got that.

We had just walked in the door of our building when he freezes on the stairs, "Uh oh! Fishit! (fix it) Oh no! Monna!" He's tugging on the laces of his shoes, desperate for them to be retied and tucked back neatly inside his shoe.

"It's okay, we'll take them off inside."

"Monna! OH NO! FISHIT!" He goes from desperate to dying in matter of seconds.

"It's okay. Let's go. Go up the stairs."


"Punkin! Go. UP. THE. STAIRS!!!" He completely disregards me, of course, and I walk past him to unlock the apartment. "Let's go. Come on."

"OH NO OH NO OH NO!" Arms and legs are flailing, smacking into other body parts as I lift him up on two feet and prod him through the doorway.

Now, this where things get really bad. See, like your children, Punkin has routines. And his after school routine is: take coat off, take shoes off, take socks off, yell 'help' when challenged with removing shirt and pants, run (or be dragged) to bathroom, pop popcorn, watch movie, drink juice.

And I was trying to have him remove the offending shoe BEFORE he even had his coat off. But he couldn't take his coat off because of the offending laces. In fact, he couldn't function at all because of the laces and their unruliness. But he wanted sooo badly to be naked and free and munching popcorn.

Tears and pleads and potty-time later, he is now happily watching Elmo's Christmas Countdown for the two-billionth time. (For real, we watched it 7 times in a row on Saturday morning. That's five hours of Elmo and his celebrity friends -- Jennifer Hudson, Jamie Foxx, the guy from King of Queens, Ben Stiller -- sing about the Christmas counter-downer and miracles and believing in Christmas. To those wanting a Christian Christmas movie, this is not it. =)

Gotta go. Respite is here and he's being a brat, I mean oppositional, because she's forcing him to do work. Must. Escape.


punkin's Oma said...

You removed my comment?!

the other lion said...

No! I didn't do anything!