Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's minus 27 degrees here with the wind chill. School was cancelled today because of the cold and heavy snow and by this afternoon they announced it was cancelled for tomorrow, when it will reach 40 below with windchill. Everyone loves the midwest.

Punkin's teacher let me know that while most of the past week or so has been an improvement, there still seems to be some issues. I think he's struggling because he's tired and in a daze. His behavior has in some ways taken a turn for the worse. He's less agreeable (some might say oppositional and aggressive) and definitely more emotional. So I called the FX Clinic (Which, turns out, I will have to pay for out of my pocket -- $500 to see one, albeit very special, pediatric neurologist). They suggested giving him his entire dose at night and nothing in the morning. So he's getting 3/4 of a pill at night instead of 1/2 at night and 1/4 in the morning. This still doesn't solve the logistical nightmare that is cutting a pill the size of a sudaphed into quarters.

I'm loving the days off even though my paycheck will take a big hit and even though I keep complaining about how Punkin insists on touching me every second of every day. I should be relieved and excited that he's bonding with me; instead, after 16 hours, I am annoyed. The good news? We only watched Elmo's Christmas 3 times. AND I convinced him to play with his Aquadoodle, some playdough, and some paint stampers after a few tears and general resistance.

Right now I am feeling blessed to be warm, cuddled underneath four strategically layered blankets. (You have to put the heaviest one on top.)


Jennie said...

YES! Being toasty warm makes life happy.

As far as missing work, think of it like people in hurricane country. When the authorities tell them to evacuate, we Midwesterners all think, "Get outta there!" But some people balk at missing work. But sometimes it's better if everyone stays home! Fewer collisions, fewer people's cars quitting out there and they freeze to death/asphyxiate themselves. All will work out okay.

Love you!

Landon Andrew said...

We have that same movie and Landon likes to watch it fifty times a day too. Weird.

Laura said...

It sounds cold out there. I hope the medication change means things will take a turn for the better. I'm thinking of you :)