Sunday, January 11, 2009

money, money, money

So every time my sister or my mom drive my car they complain about the brakes. This has been going on for a couple of years. I've never thought it was a huge deal; in fact, I thought their breaks were super-touchy. You know? The kind that screech to a halt just by breathing in their direction. Anyway, I'm sure you can see this coming, I took the stupid car in yesterday. Turns out not only does it need SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS worth of work on the brakes, but it needs $280 for a sway bar kit. AND my dad saved me about $250 (mostly labor costs) today by replacing some belts, checking my lights, fixing a leaky windshield washer tube thingy, and reapplying two bolts for the fender (?) that were just rattling around for who knows how long. So far the sway bar has been fixed, but they had to order the part for my brakes. It's a power booster or something. Basically my actual brakes were fine because I was never really using them. I was simply coasting to a stop. That's safe, right? I'm sure I'll notice the difference (and the problem) after they're fixed. Might have to relearn how to drive. The good news is that Punkin does have SSI money in a dedicated account that we can use for car repairs. I can't use it to pay rent in an emergency (or a non emergency), but I can use it for car repairs. So eventually I should be reimbursed.

Punkin was super emotional and tired at church today. He also stood. STILL. In one place. For three minutes. On two separate occassions while he waited for me to talk to some grown-ups. The second time -- after church -- he seemed quite dazed, which is disconcerting. I suppose it could be from being tired. Or it could be because I have to cut the tiniest pill ever made (0.10mg) in half (0.05mg) for his night dose and then cut the remaining half in half again (0.025mg) for his morning dose. Even with a pill cutter, it is remarkably difficult to slice it evenly. Usually there's either a small piece and a big piece or it just crumbles.

I created a FXS Circle of Moms Group on Facebook a few months ago and then I couldn't ever figure out how to get back there and check it for members, ect. Honestly I didn't expect much. Well, I ended up there today and realized there are 16 members -- all strangers! I'd like you to join regardless of whether or not you are a mom.

My fourth toe randomly goes numb about three times a week. Discuss.


Holly's Mom said...

So sorry to hear about your car... I was looking for the FSX Circle in Facebook and could not find it to join, what should I search for?

Kristiem10 said...

Discuss.. ok, first let's talk about the car repairs. I am so glad you are getting your brakes fixed. You are blessed to have a dad who can do some of your repairs. And it is great that you should be getting reimbursed for the repairs to the brakes.

Punkin standing still=good. Being dazed=not so good. But I understand your dilemma with pill-splitting. It doesn't always work so slick, huh?

I get random numb digits from time to time. Not always the same toe or finger, and not always because I am cold. Weirdness. Probably fragile x related. Fun fun.

Anonymous said...

I TOLD YOU there was a problem!

Auntie Em

punkin's Oma said...

I have been telling your dad about the brakes for a LONG time. But it is getting fixed.

I was totally mesmerized by David's not running helter skelter after church. I never thought I would see him standing still.

Love you,

Laura said...

GET YOUR BRAKES FIXED, that makes me so nervous. But I am sorry to hear about that. Stupid money!