Monday, January 19, 2009

the kid who loves elmo refuses to watch sesame street

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SO, this one time I made a funny "NOM NUM NOM" noise while attacking Punkin's cheeks-- which are, by the way, the softest, squishiest, most bestest cheeks God ever made -- and now he curls up on the couch or crashes onto my bed and demands "NOM NUM!" until I comply. So sweet. One of those things, though, that may have to end before he's 15. =)


Jennie said...

What EVER!!!! Nom that kid as long as he'll let you! My mom used to tackle me and kiss my whole face, and it still makes me smile to remember that.

Umma said...

Aww, see I'd totally NOM NOM a 15 year old Monkey's cheeks if he'd let me. Just maybe not in public.

Of course Monkey's favorite game is when we "eat" his feet. Cute as a baby/toddler...potentially deadly as a teen. ;-)