Sunday, January 4, 2009

punkin painted my bedroom

so i have this really bad habit of falling asleep while punkin is watching morning cartoons. let's just say i may need to try harder to stay awake. a lot harder.

what brought about this sudden revelation?


all. over. my. bedroom.

my tv, my chair, my dresser, my LIBRARY book, and -- of course -- my punkin.

it had been there a while, too. cause it was getting crusty. and it was REALLY ground in to the chair. and i just can't quite figure out how to clean this particular chair because it has a wicker seat. so the more i clean it, the more the poop just grinds itself in to the wicker. it's now "stained" dark brown.

and in the process of cleaning my tv, i must have gotten some cleaner behind the buttons because now it just shows fuzz, then nothing, then fuzz, then the display screen, then nothing. it's lovely.

just thought i'd share my extra special experience with you. hope you're not eating breakfast.

UPDATE: the tv magically works again and the chair is in the dumpster.


sarah said...

oh. no!

ack! i am sending you happy, calm, non-poopy thoughts.

Jennie said...

I kid you not - I am eating Tootsie Rolls as I eat this. Sorry that you had to handle that stinky mess!

FXSmom said...

omg...I am so so sorry. That beyond sucks. :(

Sarah said...

Oh, so sorry to hear this! Yuck!

Laura said...

oh, lion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm speechless.

Umma said...

Oh, I would have cried! The poop "incidents" are just the WORST!

Kristiem10 said...

Oh yuck! You poor thing. Cleaning up poop art is never fun.

Holly's Mom said...

I am so sorry what a nightmare.. I feel for you. YUK