Saturday, January 3, 2009

mommy brain

Something is seriously wrong here. I have forgotten 1) an OT appointment 2) to stay home and wait for an electrician to look at two outlets that don't work 3) to meet friends for drinks (well, i remembered but got distracted by a major poop clean up and a melting - down preschooler) 4) an appointment to have my breaks looked at/fixed 5) all of the questions I wanted to ask Dr. Elizabeth Berry-Kravis at our appt. Monday and 6) the rest of the things I forgot that I was going to add to this list. Vacation is bad for the memory and the belly, but oh so good for the soul.
Punkin is doing better. He's still clingy and emotional, but it's getting a little better each day. And honestly, I love all the hugs I'm getting. I think Haley may be right that part of it is just knowing that he's going back to school soon. The other part may be medication related. I say that because I've seen other kids come to school on meds for the first time with that lost/spellbound look on their face for about a week before they adjust to life at a radically slower pace.

Oma and Opa came over to help me eat the scrambled eggs with cheese and ham that I made for dinner. Punkin gave a clear NO to my creation and instead opted for leftover pizza. Once he went to bed we put in Little Miss Sunshine. (It's about time I see it, I know.) It was great; I highly recommend. A little strong on the language, but good stuff. We borrowed it from the library -- a last-minute adventure that didn't go very smoothly. Punkin is not impressed with books. *Heart breaks.* I WILL keep trying. I WILL keep trying.

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FXSmom said...

Matty likes books but it has to be his kind of books...those with pictures. It's not exactly the same but it is a book :)