Thursday, January 29, 2009

the surgery is postponed until next tuesday, the 10th, because it's more convenient to miss work that day. i'm glad; i need more time to adjust. even though it's a super-simple procedure and we've been through it twice before, i'm more nervous than i have been before.

in other news, he took his new handy manny phillips-head screwdriver and tried to fix the vent. imaginative play is a rarity around here, and usually he repeats a play scheme he's been shown by an adult. this time he tried to unscrew the screws on the vent. sometimes the tools even talk to each other (they talk on the show). he's so stinking cute.

that's all for now. it's a stop-thinking kind of night.


goofygramma said...

Fellipe,Turner,Stretch,Squeeze,Pat,Dusty,Flicker...aren't they the cutest tools? I find myself watching the show at home after my visit to
I've got the 10th written down. Will keep you and David in my thoughts!

Jennie said...

OHMIGOD HE IS THE SMARTEST KID EVER!!!! I'm so excited to hear that he made the connection between the tool and what one does with it. I want to smother his face with kisses.

Umma said...

That's adorable! Monkey really started his first imaginative play when he received his first tool set. Must be in the genes.