Thursday, February 12, 2009

I don't why, but I just don't feel like writing. Everything's okay, so no worries. I met with Punkin's speech pathologist and occupational therapist today. They're starting the deep pressure brushing at school soon, and his speech path is using the z-vibe that Oma bought for him a long time ago. It's been sitting in his backpack for a million years, so i'm happy it's finally getting some use. Also, he has let me read books to him the last two nights before bed. He's either given up on fighting me or something with his hearing influenced his behavior. He even "read along" tonight with a Where's Spot? book!

Night! Happy Friday!


sarah said...

i am, of course, excited that he is letting you read him books. :)

Mrs. Smith said...

My 9 month old needs tubes. He's never had an ear infection but there's fluid and I have an appt. with the ENT on Tuesday. Does your son get ear infections?

the other lion said...

Hi! Punkin had his first set of tubes when he turned one. Those were because of frequent ear infections, but right away that night I noticed that his hearing had improved. The second time he had them was when he turned two. He had fluid behind his eardrum, had had one infection, and had failed a hearing test. This last time was a month or so after his fourth birthday. He hadn't had an infection, but the audiologist at school said he had significant hearing loss. So he just had them put in, and I do think it has helped. The recovery is very fast -- the worst part is when they first wake up. Good luck!