Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I went to bed with a scratchy throat and woke up with a stuffy nose. Roar. I promise I will write more later. I don't mean to be neglectful!

I was trying to get Punkin to answer, "Who is on TV?" and prompting him to answer "Handy Manny." Instead he said "DAT." ? I look up, "OH! PAT the hammer -- he was the one on the screen. Some people's kids are so literal.

He yelled "MOM!" so I went looking. He was in my bedroom, sitting on my bed with a bucket of toys watching the aforementioned Handy Manny.
"What, honey?"
"Go. Door. Close."
I start to close the door.

Now he called me to the room again to let me know he needed help picking up all the toys that he threw on the floor. Not so much going to happen.

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FXSmom said...

Feel better soon. I'm fighting off that virus too :(