Thursday, February 26, 2009

music therapy

well, i thought the fever was gone. and now it's not. at about 11pm last night, it reached about 103, and then at 8am it was 99. now it's 100.2. so we have to stay home again. blech.

BUT, the real reason for this post is to celebrate the fact that i got a letter saying that punkin qualifies for music therapy, which is provided by both the local area education agency and a local music store. he is going to have one 15 minute group session every week at his school.

her report was so funny. they determine whether or not a child qualifies by observing them while keeping in mind the child's IEP goals and then by working with them in a couple of therapy sessions. then they decide whether or not the therapy assisted the child in reaching his IEP goals. anyway, the therapist was looking at punkin's social skills and she came on three separate days.

the first day she just observed. he attempted to interact with peers one time -- by tackling another child. during the next two therapy sessions, though, he interacted 7 and 10 times by waving hello, shaking hands, and sharing musical instruments. obviously this is a clear improvement!

the cool thing (from my perspective) about IEP rules in our district is that everything has to be measurable, or graphable, and supported by antecdotal notes. so teachers are required to say more than, "his skills are improving." they have to say, "he's performing this task 8 out of 10 times, given the opportunity at least 10 times per week." for teachers this creates a lot more work since they are required to graph every week, but for parents it gives us a clearer picture of our kid's progress and ensures the teachers are held accountable. now, i don't worry about such things because my son's team is amazing, but some day it may not be that way -- i may need more convincing in kindergarten and beyond (and BEYOND!)

in completely different news. i really need my acid reflux meds refilled. pain. in. tummy. ugh.

maybe tomorrow punkin will eat something?

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Ellen said...

i loved reading this post, cuz I'm learning all about IEP's right now in my pediatric OT class so it was interesting to read about how the schools in Iowa are required to fill them out! I think I am leaning towards either early intervention work or school based therapy as the future career, so i can't help but be intrigued! lol Love you cousin!