Tuesday, February 3, 2009

new favorite snack is carrots dipped in french dressing (NOT the orange kind)

number of mountain dews consumed today is one (this is monumentally low, btw)

i am currently watching the daily show

i am hopeful because i took my engagement ring to a jewelry store today. they said they'll look at it and see if it's worth selling. if it is, i get half. i'm expecting half to be about $50-100. if you missed the story about the ring, it was a fake. and i ended up paying for it -- seriously. i bought my own fake pink sapphire engagement ring. i'm not bitter; i'm cleaning house.

i am frustrated because i want to also unload my wedding dress. not many places like to take dresses. craigslist is next.

i filed my taxes. HOO-ray. being a low-income mom with a kid means i like tax time. this makes me feel a little guilty, but not enough to refuse the money.

we really need red chewy tubes.

i started DPPT with these. punkin loves it, though it takes him a while to stop wiggling.

i am currently watching HGTV.

my all-time favorite snack is cake. (funfetti anyone?)

the second-best part of the day is right after punkin's bath when he clings to me for snuggles. the third best is when he stands in the hallyway and chimes "ready? tickle?" and waits for me to throw him on the bed and nom his face with kisses. the best part is picking him up from school. i miss him bad by that time of the day.

i am currently watching the inside of my eyelids.


Jennie said...

You are the funniest girl I know.

Shannon said...

Try selling your dress on a site called "Once Wed"


Good luck!

brody's mom said...

Your son is beautiful. Thanks for keeping up with Brody.

Haley-O said...

Haha! The "inside of my eyelids"! Too funny! I'm glad you're cleaning house of the ex. I hope you get LOTS OF $$ from the ring and dress.

Sarah said...

Sweet and funny post!