Tuesday, February 24, 2009

not much to say. punkin definitely doesn't feel the best, and it seems pretty clear that he isn't hearing well. i think after our visit to the ENT this coming monday, i'm going to ask for a referral to our university hospital. he also has a cough and hasn't eaten dinner in six days. he's eating his other meals, but refuses to eat dinner. even hot dogs! he's tired, but not sleeping well. he wakes up at 3:30 am and then is in and out of sleep the rest of the morning.

i got a bill from the local hospital and at first i thought it was a mistake because it said the date of service was november 2nd and i sure haven't been to the ER lately. but then i saw the year -- 2007! and sure enough, on 11/2/07, i went to the ER with severe muscle pain and this weird thing in my muscles that wasn't really a cramp but definitely wasn't normal. tightness, i guess, is the best word to describe it. (sorry if this is a bit repetitive for some of you.)

i had been taking an antibiotic for a sinus infection and my doctor had doubled my dose of anti-depressant. i started getting the pain and a slightly feverish and tired feeling. i thought it was just the infection. then a few days later i fainted, hit my head, and was knocked unconscious for a few minutes during the very early morning hours. during the next few days it got worse and i had trouble walking, driving, and doing things like using a can opener.

my doctor told me to stop taking the antibiotic.

oma and i finally decided that i needed to go to the ER -- the final straw was when my tounge felt two sizes too big for my mouth. so at the ER i told everyone about my anti-depressant meds change and oma made me tell them how i fainted. so then i had a million vials of blood drawn and a CAT scan. they decided i had a virus.

that night and the following night i didn't take my anti-depressants and i started to feel much better. so i took another dose. and i couldn't walk again. so i called the pharmacist, upon oma's advice. he quickly assured me that i wasn't going crazy, but instead -- shocker -- my dosage of anti-depressants was too high.

anyway, i never got a bill. until yesterday. $500. SRSLY. for a doctor who couldn't even tell me what was wrong. never mind that they have a psychiatric ward just up the stairs at this hospital. and i can only assume they have a pharmacist. so when he "went to check on the side effects," who exactly was he asking? webmd? SRSLY.

i went through this a second time with a different, but similar anti-depressant and antibiotic combo, and at the FX conference in july i learned that it was because my norepinephrine levels were too high and the antibiotic changed my metabolism, increasing the effect.


now i am afraid to take an antibiotic again, even though i'm on a different kind of med.

i guess i did have a lot to say.

pray for punkin. i'm worried about the little guy. =(

in happier news, i am getting new living room furniture! well, new to me. eek!


Landon Andrew said...

Poor Punkin. I hope he gets better. Please keep us posted on him.

Holly's Mom said...

Poor Baby! Both of you feel better soon.

FXSmom said...

poor kids...that stuff is the pits. I just barely got Matty back in school from that stuff.