Wednesday, February 18, 2009

notes on the day

i am grateful for free olive garden for lunch tomorrow, courtesy of someone in the school district.

i am not grateful for waiting two hours to see a doctor for two minutes (literally) -- a doctor who tells me BAD news! punkin's right ear is still not functioning properly. there's a blockage of some sort. i have to give him ear drops for the next week and a half, after which i will have the pleasure of returning for another extended stay in the waiting room.

i am amazed that punkin's only real protest against the wait was at the one hour, 45 minute mark when he grabbed his coat and said, "kay, bye!" and then later grabbed it again, "car." gotta love me a fish tank; he stood and watched that thing for a good thirty minutes.

it was admittedly quite funny when i tripped over my own feet today on two separate occassions. the best time, though, no other adult was there to see it! and it was awesome because i was carrying a child and a) i managed not to fall on top of her b) no part of her hit the floor and c) i didn't injure my back. i am SO matrix-style in my landing/carrying children abilities.

i feel super guilty when i have a headache and my patience with punkin is thin. i then realize it's the doctor's fault, take two ibuprofen, drink a mountain dew, and try to relax.

remember when i mentioned that i needed a camcorder? apparently my aunt kim agreed with me -- so she sent me this! eee!!!!!! thanks! i wanted to post a funny video, but punkin refused to do anything cute. he just wanted to be left alone, while simultaneously clinging to me of course.

i learned today that one (punkin) can projectile poop. who knew? not me. i have witnessed projectile vomit, but never anything out the other end. i'm changing his already poopy diaper today when, SPLURT, out of nowhere, there's poop on my shower curtain. he was standing.

my dad really doesn't like the lower-case letters. he claims capital letters serve some sort of vital purpose with punctuation and reading cues or something. i don't know, the guy's crazy.

seriously, it was two minutes. we arrived at 1:10 for a 1:15 appointment. we were called back to the room at 3:55. we were driving away from the building at 4:05.

also, i am wearing my new slippers (lambie slippers!) from sarah. thanks, lady!!


Laura said...

what a terrible wait!!! grr. on a happier note, i love the flip thingie! ooh, i can't wait for you to post videos.

sarah said...

two hours?! that is all sorts of ridiculous. :(

i'm glad you got the slippers, though! aren't they so fuzzy and warm? i loooooove mine!

Kristiem10 said...

That was so nice of your aunt. Now we get to see Punkin in action more often! Woot!

Sarah said...

We had to use the ear stuff, too, even with tubes, to clear out a blockage. What a drag. I love your posts - they always make me smile.