Saturday, February 14, 2009

talky talky

Punkin is crazy. He's watching Madagascar 2, again (!), and I'm 95% sure he's acting it out. He jumped off the couch, into the middle of the room, raised his arms, and yelled, "ya YION! (the lion)." I'm also pretty sure he said "New York" a couple of times this morning. Now he's climbing in and out of a laundry basket while speaking his own language -- quite rapidly -- to his two Woody dolls inside. Every 2 minutes or so he yells, "OOooohhh!" and the basket tips over. I really need to get a video camera for this stuff.


Yesterday at nap time, his teacher touched his bare skin and he said, "Oooh! Cold hands!" and at recess he asked another boy, "Want to run?" and they did! His teacher has been modeling the phrase, "Want to play?" so he not only used it, but applied it to a situation outside of the classroom and appropriately inserted "run" instead of "play."

Update: He JUST stood on the couch and yelled, "Ting da YEW YORK!" (The King of New York!)


Anonymous said...

Oh so cute!

Happy Valentine's Day.

Love you, Aunt KIm

Holly's Mom said...

OMG So Sweet! You do need a video of that.

Mrs. Smith said...

Congrats! That's a wonderful thing to read.