Monday, March 16, 2009

hi dude!

Punkin's teacher and speech pathologist made his very first video for video modeling today. They are two very dedicated ladies! The work took the entire day; I could see how excited and proud they were, though. It was awesome. And Punkin loved watching himself on our television (they sent home a copy of the dvd for us). We watched it about 7 times! The video is of him going to an integrated classrom (typical and special needs kids -- 18 of them!) for carpet time. It's just too darn cute. He walks in and goes, "Hi, dude!"

Also, I thought Umma made a really good point in the comments yesterday:

I am a convert to the sensory diet as well. We had one written into Monkey's IEP right from the beginning but after the first year we realized even experienced special education teachers don't always understand what a sensory diet is!

Your advice to get the whole team to sit down is right on.The first year the teacher's version of a sensory diet was to give Monkey a chewy tube when he chewed on his clothes or his blankie when he was upset. It was all reactive rather than proactive. You need to identify the rough spots and intercede before they happen.

Monkey has had a REAL sensory diet since last October and his language has exploded since, his ability to participate in seated activities has done the same. We credit the mix of folic acid and the sensory diet. Monkey's diet has much the same techniques one other thing that he has responded really well to is using lotion during deep pressure. It's in addition to the brushing protocol. Monkey LOVES his lotion...he prefers a foot massage above all else, lol. Can't blame him there.

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