Monday, March 30, 2009

i'm meeting with a wellness coach next week (free!)

I should definitely not go to the grocery store after working out.

I am the good daughter. I fed Oma spaghetti tonight. That I made myself.

My Punkin is a little chatterbox. Isn't that crazy? Seriously, the child does not stop talking. Today in the car, he said the following: See? Uh see 'em? Ya. Bapple. Yaaa. Oooh. Uh see 'em? Tookie. Yaaa. Mmmm. Uh da da wanna da eat 'em? OKaaaAyy. Yummy.

I love me some Jon Stewart.

I made a list for my new apartment manager, who left a note saying he was going to conduct inspections tomorrow (Tuesday). My favorite part was when I wrote, "Balcony door secure enough? Keep in mind that I share my balcony with my neighbor and his questionable guests." The guests, who, by the way, woke me up at 5:30am AGAIN by ringing my doorbell.

I am excited about going to see Mary Poppins with my mom, sister, and Punkin this Saturday in Chicago. But I am sad because my cousin is the one who is supposed to be going and instead he is stuck in ICU. I heard that he was laughing at his Lucy shows today, though, so that's good. But he still has an infection and is unable to eat. He and his family need prayers.

A number of people, including myself, failed to inform the after-school program that Punkin isn't supposed to eat pineapple or drink orange juice. (It gives him major poopies and a rash in his nether regions that proves his pain tolerance is out of this world.) Sooo, we went to the grocery store after I worked out (hence the first line of the post) and bought some butt cream (Calmoseptine) and some tortilla chips. He's so stinkin' funny about chips. He hugged them all the way to the register.

March 31st is "End the R-Word Day." Please reread this.

Also, why do I have to copy and paste codes into Word instead of being able to just copy and paste them directly into blogger. Every time I try, only about 1/8 of the code shows up. Can you say irritating? Also, I tried to put this video in my sidebar, but it wouldn't reduce to fit the size. ANNOYING. Help, anyone?


Holly's Mom said...

Your also.. made me laugh. I have the same problem with blogger and videos.

Jennie said...

I have a template to fit YouTube things in the sidebar - you have to change the html code to make them skinnier. I will try to remember to send it to you.

You shouldn't need to paste them into word - you should just be able to put your cursor in the "embed" box and it will highlight the whole thing. Then ctrl-C and go to Edit HTML in Blogger, then ctrl-V. Make sense?

Rajesh Attri said...

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