Sunday, March 1, 2009

loving my bed

I bought something completely unecessarily necessary. Huh? I bought a new tv/dvd combo for my bedroom. Seeing as how there are only two of us in this apartment, and one of us is four, having two televisions isn't really necessary. BUT, I really wanted one. Actually, i wanted a dvd player so that Punkin and I could lounge in bed and watch Shark Tale instead of having to venture out all the way into the living room for it. But since my tiny tv was so old, it didn't have any of the proper hookups. And since tvs are so stinkin' cheap, it really didn't cost that much more than a dvd player and the proper box and wires to hook it up would have. So there, I've rationalized it to all of you! =) We already bonded over Madagascar 2 this evening. I may have created a monster (or two).

Also, speaking of my living room. I AM GETTING NEW FURNITURE THIS WEEK! My current stuff (thank you, G.G.) was perfect for my other place because of its size, and after 3 years with Punkin it's been loved hard. But since my Aunt L scored a great deal on some new furniture for her living room, I'm getting the hand-me-downs. And since my living room is a decent size -- and not crowded with toys -- the couch and love seat will FIT. Opa is going to pick it up on Tuesday, and I am super jealous because he gets to visit them. L and I decided, though, that a special trip for a wine night at her house could certainly be arranged.

Punkin is SUPER clingy and emotional. W.O.W. I think the combination of being sick and therefore off school, being deprived of his acid reflux meds (because Medicaid loves red tape), and having a rockin' runny nose has taken a toll on him.

And guess what? We get to go back to the ENT tomorrow! Super fun! I may have to think of some snarky way to ask whether or not we'll be waiting two hours again. Hmmm....

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Kristiem10 said...

Very cool about your new stuff! Hope the ENT appointment goes quickly for ya.