Tuesday, March 3, 2009


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i love that my respite worker vacuumed my living room!

it stung when the lady waxing my eyebrows made reference to my unibrow. (get it? it STUNG)

i sighed really loudly when i plucked what i thought was dirt out of punkin's ear and discovered it was his tube. for now, we are keeping the appointment with the ENT on the 11th and continuing the drops. i also called his pediatrician and left a message. Apparently he called me back, but i never heard it ring. *sigh*

ewww .... some serious crusties came out of punkin's ear just now. GAH--ross.

(slight time delay...do be do be do)

thanks opa, aunt l and uncle j, my new furniture looks great. it's a little red in comparison to the neutral tones going on everywhere else, but the scale of it is nice. and it's clean. and sooooo comfy. i almost killed opa trying to get the old sofa bed out, but we both survived, fingers and toes intact. now the big question is: what color slipcovers do i buy? i really think washable slipcovers are necessary for my own sanity. i think i see a new poll in this blog's future...

speaking of polls, do you realize you are siding with OMA? i am coming to your houses with some caesar italian dressing, asiago cheese, dark leafy greens, and TOMATOES.


sarah said...

i am just not sure i can be convinced that tomatoes will go well with ceaser salad! although, if you want to drive all the way over here, and give it a shot...


Anonymous said...

It's VERY red, but I'm glad it's comfortable. Enjoy!


Holly's Mom said...

Well.. I was the 5% person who said.. Seriously.. EWWww.. So you have someone on your side. New furniture is exciting.. What about Purple? What is Punkin's Favorite color? Pictures!

Jennie said...

Tomatoes are my kryptonite!! Unless they are pulverized and mixed with salt and vinegar - then they are my favorite condiment.

Sounds like you need TAUPE slipcovers. They hide minor yuck until you can clean them but they're not so dark that they show everything else. Microsuede is awesome but can be zappy I think too. Take the man to Target and see which fabric he likes best. When he makes the Duplo face, you know you've found it. :)

Love you!