Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Mark it on your calendars, people! We spent less than 40 minutes at the ENT today! He said that he has a hole in his eardrum from where the tube fell out and that the hole may or may not heal itself. There were no further instructions other than to come back in 2-3 months.

We are going to the University next week for another opinion. Hopefully their report doesn't include the words "permanent hearing loss."

Last night at bedtime, I realized that Ducky had been left behind at school. I used to have three Duckies, but we have managed to lose two of them. Anyway, I was afraid that Punkin would react rather violently. Instead, the conversation went like this:




"Ducky's at school. No Ducky tonight."




"Yes, Punkin?"

"Duddy? I wannit?"

"No Ducky. Ducky's at school."

"Stool. OH NO!"


"Mom? Duddy?"

'No Ducky, Punkin. I love you."

"Yi yove you."


Sarah said...

I had heard it was kinda normal to have a little hole after tubes and that if it doesn't go away on its own they just patch it. I think that's what our ENT told us. In any case, I hope the second opinion is helpful and reduces the understandable anxiety! Cute conversation about ducky.

the other lion said...

Thanks! Our ENT doesn't sit with me and explain these things. =)

kathyg said...

Oh how I miss David saying "oh no"
I can't wait to come back.

miss you both.

Kristiem10 said...

Drew had a hole left when his tube came out. The doctor said to consider it like a permanent tube. There was no hearing loss.

Way to go Punkin for not losing it over Duddy being at school.

Holly's Mom said...

Good Luck with the ears.. We go and see an Audiologist in a few weeks to check Holly's hearing. She had fluid in her right ear todya, but seems ok so far.

Lois said...

Thank GOD for friends loving friends and sharing their stories about "hole in ear after tubes!"

We Moms have to stick together and show our love as "Sarah, the other lion, kathyg, Kristiam10, Holly's mom, etc., did!" Knowledge DOES dispel fear!

Keep on questioning EVERY doctor. Afterall, they are human too. You know your child BETTER than anyone else in the whole world. If a doctor is not listening to you, talking to you, putting your fears at rest by exploring all questions..."dump him/her and move onto another doctor who will listen!" TRUST YOUR GUT!(feelings)

Keep on, GOOD MOM!

Warmest regards, Lois