Sunday, March 22, 2009


Okay, my cousin will be in ICU until they can get his pancreas to calm down. Then he will have his gall bladder removed. I just want to give him and his family a big hug.

Punkin has a sinus infection and a high fever, so we will be home for a couple of days. The doctor thinks he never really got better from the last time he had a fever. I'm working on disinfecting the apartment.

In happy news, I had a second date. I highly recommend I Love You, Man as long as you can tolerate a decent amount of crude humor. It's so fun having a social life! Thanks for babysitting, Oma and Opa!


SB said...

your cuz will be in my thoughts and prayers...


d. said...


How did this happen without my even being aware of the FIRST date?

Also, we saw that on Saturday and it was hilarious. ;)