Tuesday, April 14, 2009


The t-shirts below were purchased at the National Fragile X Conference this past July. They don't sell them on their website, so I'm not sure where they originated. I know that Cafe Press has a feature where you can design your own shirt. The front of this one says, "Got Fragile X?" and the back says, "1 in 250 women and 1 in 750 men are carriers of the gene that causes Fragile X. www.fragilex.org."

Therapy Putty, or Theraputty is more like silly putty than Play-Doh. It comes in different resistances and is meant for hand-strengthening. I like it because, aside from the remote control incident, it has been very clean. Punkin really likes to rip paper, and this is a good alternative. It's pretty cheap, too. And Punkin's is glittery. (Woooowwww!) There are some that smell, but Punkin's has no odor.


MuMommy said...

Note from Jennie's mom (MuMommy)

My neighbor in Kansas City, works with a girl named "Peggy". Peggy's 2 sons have Fragile X. So, I sent Peggy (via my neighbor) your BLOG address and she already reads your blog! FANTASTIC!

Keep up the good work! Small world and we are here to help others! You're AMAZING!

Love, MuMommy

the other lion said...

That's awesome! I think she's commented before. =) It's a small world! Thanks for the encouragement.

Kristiem10 said...

Drew tears paper too. I never thought of using Theraputty as an alternative. hmm. I will check it out.