Tuesday, April 7, 2009

he smiled, he touched him, he said, "no"

My name? Why, it's Ducky. Don't you recognize me? AHEM.


MEEE? I'm soft. I'm YELLOW. I have beak and adorable wi...

Your wings? Your GIANT wings? And your tiny beak? How's Punkin supposed to chew on NOTHING? Do you SEE me rolling my hand-embroidered eyes? You are at best a distant cousin and at worst an IMPOSTER.

I am SOFT beyond belief. AND I'm affordable.

You don't have dots, AND I am a rarity that costs $45 on eBay.

I have tabbies. And a SHINY side.

A shiny...? Oh, whatever -- he'll never chew on that miserable beak!

(I bought a new Ducky; he's not convinced.)


Anonymous said...

Is that a Baby Gund blanket?

the other lion said...

Yes, they both are. The one with its head in the corner is extinct, though. The other one is part of their satinees snuggie collection.

Jennie said...

Ohh, bummer! Maybe he'll turn to it in an emergency? (Hopeful)

Maddy said...

Pretty darned cute!

Umma said...

Our kids are just too detail oriented to be fooled by that! Maybe he'll get used to it if you leaving it laying around long enough? That's been known to work for us....uh...once.

Good luck.