Thursday, April 23, 2009

only a burger and duck tales could right this wrong

So, tonight was Family Fun Night at our local Children's Museum. Today was also the day I needed to pick up some Pampered Chef orders and the day we had OT with a substitute OT at a later time.

I was feeling rather smug that the universe had aligned in such a way that I was able to leave work, pick up the orders, drive to OT, and then drive to the museum. Everything was generally in a row heading east, and dinner was even provided at the museum, which is practically across the street from the OT's office. I couldn't have planned it any better; we never even had to go home between events!


He loves the museum, but after five minutes of playing he wanted NOTHING to do with that place and nothing to do with the pizza. There were tears, there was shaking of the hands, there were pleas for "car!" and "movie!"

In the end, I think too many things in the day were wrong: he didn't get to go eat a cookie with Miss Kathy this morning, we went to the mall instead of going home right after school, we then went to the OT -- a different OT, and then we went to the museum. Where they STAMPED HIS HAND CAN YOU BELIEVE THE INSANITY? And then -- THEN he saw all these adults who are supposed to live at school and not at the museum.

And then he smacked me when he remembered how he barely saw me Sunday and Tuesday and how he really just wanted to gotothecaralreadythankyouverymuch. (Maybe he thought I was going to leave him there?)

Seriously, guys, he pushed me out of the room with the pizza. Piles and piles of pizza. PIZZA.

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Umma said...

We had one of those days recently! We get choruses of "home? home? HOME?" complete with tears rolling down his cheeks.