Monday, April 20, 2009

stuff and stuff

i promise i will write again soon. here are a few updates until then:

i was a little unclear in my medicaid post. there is more than one kind of waiver, not just one for those who are intellectually disabled. i think i made it sound that way. i forget that my audience goes beyond the fragile x community. in iowa there are five kinds of waivers: ill and handicapped, mental retardation, AIDS/HIV, elderly, and brain injury.

my friend is coming friday!!

my cousin is doing well after having gall bladder surgery a week and a half ago. your prayers are powerful!

speaking of prayer, punkin, oma, and i went to a potluck at church to wrap-up a study we did about prayer. we left a little early because someone was break-dancing on my lap. at some point in the day, the meds DO wear off.

i had a retinal migraine on friday. i didn't know what it was when it happened, so it was a tiny bit nerve-wracking because i couldn't see. basically, i had partial vision loss for about 15 minutes and then a lot of pressure in my head and neck for the rest of the day. there wasn't much pain, so i'm lucky there. no plans to do anything about it at this point unless it keeps happening. the eye doctor was really nice. but now every time i feel pressure build up behind my eyes i think it's going to happen again. it's happened twice before, but this time was by far the worst.

i spelled neck wrong the first time (kneck). srsly?

i am going to watch The Hills in my big girl bed and doze off. ah, the joys of "reality" tv.

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Ellen H said...

o the Hills! my suitemates & i are devoted fans...sad i know, but we need some reason to avoid our homework! :) will Heidi ever learn?? lol