Wednesday, April 22, 2009

we love food, and we love opa

This morning was "Pancakes with Pop" at our preschool. Since many of our kids don't have "Pops" around, we invited any male family member or friend to come eat breakfast with their preschooler. Opa came for Punkin. It was so cute when he walked into the room.

"Opa! Bye, mom! Truck!" He thought Opa was coming to get him! After we explained that everyone was staying at school, they headed downstairs for some yummy school food. Apparently he realized halfway back to his classroom that Opa wasn't staying for the entire day. This caused some discontent, but everyone recovered nicely.

THEN, this evening I was craving pizza, per usual, and complained via text message to Oma about it. A little while later, Opa called and told me to preheat my oven! Mmmm. Unecessary calories never tasted so good.

So, Opa gets the award today. For what, I don't know. Food Surprises?


Kristiem10 said...

Nice. What a good Opa!

Jennie said...

What a wonderful Opa! So nice - you must love having them so close. Pizza calories are NEVER unnecessary!

goofygramma said...

what a wonderful opa..and oma..david has!