Friday, May 29, 2009

email from punkin's teacher


Thought you'd find this cute. Punkin totally knows the days that you pick him up instead of going to PEP (he knows these days because we wait in the classroom as the rest of the kids go to PEP or the bus). Anyway, he knows that as soon as everyone leaves he can act like a nut and we'll do silly things like spin him around, tickle him, pretend to throw him on to the bean bag chair etc. as he laughs hysterically. Anyway, it's so funny that he completely understands that he has to wait until he's the only one in the classroom (or at least until he thinks he is- like today when Jack wouldn't put on his shoes). Then as soon as everyone is gone he starts acting silly (usually during these times I need my "Punkin to English Dictionary" as he is talking so fast I can't catch what he is saying :).

Also, so cute that he let our goat puppet today give him a kiss on the side of his head (turned his head at the last second!) Oh ya- two other very cool things he did today- counted 3 objects independently (no help pointing or counting). YEA! And he ran up to Jack outside and said "Jack, come on run." He also came up to Kate (aide) and Anna, who were building with blocks during centers, and said "hi." And when Kate asked him if he wanted to play with them he answered "ok yes" and sat down with them (of course after he knocked down Kate's building :)

He is so gosh darn cute! I'm glad he's feeling better now!


Kristiem10 said...

That sounds great! Interacting appropriately with others. Woohoo! And his teacher sounds very sweet.

Jennie said...

I reverse my position that you should move here. There can't be another teacher anywhere, let alone Ohio, who would be that wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Yahoo for Punkin. And his teacher sounds like a true blessing!!!
Love you both, Aunt Patty

Laura said...

What a wonderful teacher to take the time to tell you all the fun things Punkin did.

Sarah said...

What a cute note! Yay for Punkin!