Tuesday, May 12, 2009

this is what's up

Photographic evidence that proves my son DOES know how to use a fork.
New art for our apartment, once I find a frame.

Maybe the clonidine IS helping. He sat in this chair for 5 minutes waiting for the doctor.

Then he went "nigh-night."

The ENT said his ears look good. He does have a tube in the left eardrum, even though his pediatrician hadn't seen it the other day. He said sometimes they are just too hard to see. Anyway, the hole in his right eardrum has healed. He said that as long as the tube is still in his left ear, he should be hearing okay (on that side anyway). I will probably get him into the AEA for a hearing test just to be sure, though, because I am like that.


fragilemom said...

Clonidine...a great thing! What's AEA?

the other lion said...

AEA is the Area Education Agency. The provide early intervention and intervention in the school for occupational, physical, speech, and music therapy. They also provide hearing tests. It's all free through the state.

Holly's Mom said...

Love the pictures! he is getting SO big.

FXSmom said...

ya know...most parents would see their kid squirming on the floor in a doctors office and freak OUT!!! But moms like us...just know they are much bigger things than a germy doctors office....lol

Laura said...

Mommy always knows best!!