Sunday, May 10, 2009

a long post that turned short

Mother's Day was great -- very relaxing. Punkin and Opa took Oma and me out to brunch at one of my favorite places.

Not sure if the increased clonidine is helping Punkin, but it's definitely not hurting.

All of the leaves are back on the trees, the sun is setting and a cool breeze is filtering into my living room. I'm warm and happy.

Punkin has an ENT appointment tomorrow, so we're taking the day off. I don't know why I'm so excited about spending the day with him since we've been home for two already; maybe it's the knowledge that we SHOULD be at work, but we're not.

And maybe it's because after a day off, I get to go to Bunco and dominate. I am TOTALLY walking away with a prize. Definitely.

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Kristiem10 said...

Actually, that does sound really nice. And I am sure you will come back with a bunco prize. Have a fun day.