Wednesday, May 20, 2009

score one for being pushy

So, I dropped my camera back in November. A month later, I took it in to the place I bought it and asked about having it repaired through the rather costly warranty I purchased. When I bought it, I was told that the warranty would cover "anything short of smashing it with a sledgehammer." I asked specifically about dropping it; yes, it would be covered.

See, I live with a toddler, and I am clumsy; I buy warranties. Anyway, the woman behind the counter told me to send the camera in to the manufacturer. I wasn't about to do that, seeing as how I DROPPED the camera myself, and no manufacturer would let a dent in corner of the camera slide past their radar.

I took it in again in January or so and asked about it again. They let me know that they couldn't do anything to repair it, as it would void the warranty with the manufacturer. I told them that I didn't CARE about that, and that there was a reason I purchased a warranty from the store, which was to be able to bring the camera in any time and have it fixed. She told me to come back at the end of April, when the manufacturer's warranty expired, and they would repair it.

You know what happened next, right? I took it back on Saturday and they said, "Too bad, so sad. You dropped it, and we don't cover physical damage." And this is when I became RAGING mad. First of all, the salesman lied to me and second of all, the two customer service representatives I talked to didn't mention anything about limitations because of physical damage.

I made the girl behind the counter tremble; I had to apologize later. Not my best moment.

The manager was called over to calm me down, which he did quite nicely. He then said he would see what the technicians had to say and call me back later in the week. He certainly did not make me hopeful, but at least he tried.

So imagine my surprise today when I got a call telling me that they were unable to fix the camera, so I could come in and EXCHANGE it. Ya. I raced over there and picked up my BRAND NEW, MORE MEGAPIXELS, BETTER ZOOM, BIGGER SCREEN, NEWER version of the camera I originally bought. Free.

I gotta say that I'm pretty sure someone screwed up and I was in no way supposed to get that camera. But I signed those papers and hit the road before anyone could stop me!

Also, the salesman asked if I would like to purchase the extended warranty on the new camera as well. I decided to pass; wouldn't want to press my luck. Besides, the girl from customer service was giving me the 'stink eye.'
Why the photo of Punkin sleeping? Because I took it with my new camera in a pitch-black room. Loving it. Also, he's sweet.


Kristiem10 said...

Excellent! I am so glad you got a new camera out of it. They totally owed you. I'd have been mad, but I probably would have wimped out and bought a new one. Way to go for asserting yourself. :) And nice job apologizing to the girl whom you scared.

Jana Nickle said...

Right on Sista...You go girl!

d. said...

Hahaha... I love Rampaging Erika!

Holly's Mom said...

Glad you stuck to your guns.