Tuesday, May 5, 2009

yes, of course

Punkin's new phrase: Yes, of course.

MY EYES MY EYES. Allergy season smacked me in the face about a week ago, but a daily dose of Claritin has been making me feel much better. Until today. And I made sure to tell Oma about it five million times; it helps to complain to her. I seriously almost went blind from sneezing this morning.

This is the e-mail I sent to Punkin's teacher today:

Punkin had his physical today. His doctor and I discussed meds. Apparently, Dr. Berry-Kravis from Rush had written him an extensive letter about our visit and her recommendations for medication. I had no idea! Anyway, she said we can safely go as high as 0.2mg a day of clonidine and even try stimulant medications. (I want to avoid stimulants as long as possible, though.) We are going to increase to 0.1mg and see what happens. I started that tonight (Tues). He wouldn't cooperate for the hearing screening and wasn't able to do the vision screening, so he referred us to an eye doctor here in town. He is going to the ENT on Monday (the 11th), so I will ask about testing his hearing then. If they are unwilling, I will just go to the AEA, or scream. =)


P.S. He just pooped on his floor in his room. Isn't that nice? He didn't want me to feel left out after he pooped on the classroom floor today.

(She and I agree that we think the issue is more anxiety, so we think
anti-anxiety meds might be more helpful than stimulants, but we're not at the stage yet where I need to fight that fight. Updated: I don't necessarily think pooping on the floor is because of anxiety. I think he just can't plan out all the steps he needs to take to get from 'I have to poop/pee' to the toilet. But his aggressive behaviors definitely are from anxiety, at least lately. Sorry about the confusion.)


Sarah said...

I hope the allergies get better soon and that the anxiety that makes Punkin poop on the floor lifts soon, too!

Holly's Mom said...

I am so there with you on the allergies... they so suck and I hope you feel better... Wow two of my bloggy friends posting about poop in one day.. how lucky can one girl be ;=P

sarah said...

oh my gosh, the exact same thing happened to me with the claritin where it worked, and then a few days ago not so much. i have no idea what to do because i've about rubbed all the skin off my nose now cause it's itching so much!

i hope the new dose helps punkin out.

Jennie said...

It makes me unbelievably happy that you and the man's teacher can have such an open dialogue. That's super-important and I don't think it happens very often.

Kristiem10 said...

I have allergies, too. And Eric's are terrible right now. Poor guy is sneezing his head off in the mornings.

I agree with Jennie, I am very glad you have a good working relationship with Punkin's teacher.

And, putting Blake on Prozac for anxiety did decrease his hitting majorly.