Tuesday, June 23, 2009

did you get the memo?

note to punkin: STOP SPITTING. for. the. LOVE. i don't know why you're doing it, but you're doing it all the time and it needs to stop. you want my attention? just crawl on me or yell at me or grab my cell phone and hang up on my friend like you usually do. no need to spit. let me repeat myself. are you ready? okay, good. STOP SPITTING.

note to self: ask other moms how they deal with spitting. time-out = doesn't care. yelling = laughs in my face. cover his mouth with my hand = i get a slobbery hand. ignore = i get sprayed and so does everyone else within 10 feet of us.

note to punkin: STOP MAKING YOURSELF PUKE. ugh. we have been over this time and time again since you were a year old. just PUHL-EEZE keep all bodily fluids in your body until an appropriate time arises (ie: potty breaks).

note to self: find source of stink in car. not garbage. not poop shirt. maybe the carseat?

note to readers: why is it so hard to find shorts? they are either too long and tight on the thighs or too short and tight in the butt. and if i go up a size, they are too big and gappy in the waist. srsly. SERIOUSLY. i just want to stop sweating to death at work! please get back to me with your best advice ASAP. kthanxbye.


fragilemom said...

We got the spit thing going too every once in a while. We don't handle it well. No good advice there. The makin himself puke thing...yep, got that one too. He's started slowing down on that manipulation cause he found it didn't get him anywhere, but trouble. Guess it wasn't that enjoyable to him in that case. When he starts looking like he's trying we just tell him it's not okay and if he vomits, he'll get a spanking. Of course, we have to really be sure it's a time where he's trying to vomit. Why would anyone do that?????!!!!!!

Jennie said...

I reiterate that drawstring shorts are okay. Then you can go up a size to get the length you need, and just tighten the drawstring a tiny bit. You can kind of moosh the drawn fabric so it doesn't look all wonky. Also, you might try zafu.com - they might have shorts... I saw some cute shorts at JCP last night, and I get lots of shorts from Maurice's usually. 'Course, my legs aren't as long as yours..... :)

Anonymous said...

have you tried Land's End for shorts? They have them in different lengths.

liz said...

I do have one pair of gap cargos, drawstring, wide in the legs on sale right now. Spitting? I spit right back at Austin once, scared the snot out of him, but it worked :)

Holly's Mom said...

I have heard that kids do the making themselves vomit thing, but I was like.. Really?? Holly vomits. She crys so hard she is inconsolable an then vomits, but i can;t imagine she does it on purpose, but its so easy for her to do now, I fear she will be able ot make herself do it for attention.... Sigh.. I hope its not a habit she picks up.