Monday, June 1, 2009


Punkin's had two really good typically developing friends since he started preschool at 6 weeks old. They have been with him since he was in the infant/toddler room, the two year old room, and now they see each other at various parts of the day. And now, in his own room, he's made a third good friend who has overall developmental delays.

And this fall, they are ALL LEAVING for kindergarten.

In fact, the boy from his room is done for the year on Friday. I think this may be a bit of a struggle emotionally for both of us. I wonder if and when we will find more typically developing kids to accept him blindly and befriend him without question, even when he sits on them or hangs upside down or gives them backwards hugs. I know it will happen, I just know that these boys will be missed.

And I may need to come up with a special treat for those special boys. Any ideas?


FXSmom said...

Matty went through that two years ago. All of his friends left for middle school and he was the only kid there going to 5th grade. It was kinda sad. But once he got up to middle school they were all there waiting for him and showing him the ropes and protecting him.

I wish I had ideas for you but I'm not creative at all :(

Holly's Mom said...

Are they all older then him, and he isn't starting Kindergarten yet? Will they be in the same school when they do? Do you know the parents, can you schedule after school or weekend playdates every few weeks? With a weekly rotation, he could see one boy per week and on the 4th week stay home with Mama, He would be busy with playdates, but it would only be once a month for each boy.

Jennie said...


fragilemom said...

I'm all for the rice krispie treats! I think you and your son have been tremendously blessed having these friends. We have yet to encounter typical kids who will accept Ian for all his wonderful qualities and be blinded by the not to wonderful ones. It's harder on me than on him! I hope we get to find that as he moves into his new class in the fall.