Thursday, June 4, 2009

he's a lover, not a hater

We have stopped Clonidine and started Zoloft.

He is SO hyper today and had a mild night terror last night. I am trying to remain positive and open-minded. It could very well be a coincidence. However, if I am robbed of my sleep, IT will hit the fan. =) I am NOT doing that again. The easiest solution would be to up his dose of melatonin, which is probably appropriate because he only takes 1mg.

Can you tell that I am not hyper? I am Tired. See that? Tired with a capital T.

Punkin has always had a way of making grown-ups do what he wants. It probably started because, like I hear from other moms, everyone was so excited to hear him talking that we couldn't possibly deny him the simple pleasure of dancing when he yelled "DANCE!"

These days he sounds like a personal trainer: RUN! SPIN! JUMP! SIT DOWN! STAND UP! RUN! RUN! It's rather exhausting, but I think he may have found a career path. Much like my Great Uncle is the "mayor" of his nursing home, Punkin can be the aerobics instructor at his group home some day. (That day is a long day from now, so let's not panic; we know who we are, and we're panicking. But the Lord provides.)

Did I tell you that I'm sitting on my balcony, drinking a beer, and blogging? Did I tell you how happy that makes me?

Anyway, back to Mr. Bossy Pants. I have respite on Tuesdays, and I often come home talking on the phone to Jennie. Well, this past Tuesday, that was completely unacceptable to Punkin, who wanted nothing less than 110% of my attention. He proceeded to grab the phone, say, "bye!" and tell me to put it in my purse. Once the respite worker left, we ate dinner, after which he handed me my purse and said, "Put it on. Go car. Oma Opa's house? OKAYEE." I gave in because, well, he's not asking for the moon or anything.

He found me. It's pretty funny because he's standing at the screen door in his diaper, trying not to look at me so that I don't see him slowly creaking the door open. Like when a cat "hides" in the grass. If I can't see you, then you can't see me.

(10 minutes later.) OKAY. Not funny anymore. Hit annoying and encroaching on frustrating. Don't look at him, don't talk, just put him back in bed. Just put him back in bed.

I really hate playing the medication game, and I know that we are only just passing "Go" at this point. Hopefully we'll find a happy balance that allows Punkin to be relaxed, comfortable, focused, silly, smart, and friendly. So far today he's been VERY friendly. I got TWO kisses ON THE LIPS and four REAL hugs -- with his arms around my neck and everything! Life is good.

p.s. I totally won; he's sleeping.


Sarah said...

I'm glad he finally fell asleep! That does sound exhausting. What are they hoping the Zoloft will do for Punkin? I know awhile ago some doctor suggested we try Quinn on a small dose of an SSRI as it sometimes helps kids with Fragile X develop in their language skills and helps with anxiety, but so far we haven't tried putting Quinn on anything but melatonin at night (and last night, Benadryl, as recommended by his doc for middle of the night wake-ups, particularly when caused by a cold).

Umma said...

Oh, the sleeping, or rather the lack thereof. We're back in a cycle of sleeplessness with Monkey. We had stopped the melatonin since he was doing so well but we're back on that train. We give Monkey 3mg.

Jennie said...

You are a. stud. muffin. You won! Also, being named on your blog was strangely famous-feeling.

FXSmom said...

I'm kinda doing the drug game with my baby girl too. I don't think the Prozac is doing squat. But we are seeing a counselor before we change her meds to see what we can do about trying to give her the tools to deal with her anxiety and stuff. It is so EXHAUSTING!!! and stressful. I know your situation is similar ...but not. But I'm feeling your tired anxiety.

Kristiem10 said...

I am Tired as well. And my head hurts. And the Melatonin isn't working for him. And I'm grumpy. And I did NOT win the nap battle. Crap, I turned this into my own rant. Sorry 'bout that.