Tuesday, June 30, 2009

just a few things

Diluting the Zoloft in liquid? Not going so hot. He KNOWS. He just KNOWS that the icky stuff is in there. Ugh. I called the pharmacist to ask if I absolutely have to dilute it, because honestly struggling over 1mL of liquid versus 4oz of liquid seems easier. She doesn't understand why it needs to be diluted in the first place, so she told me to just do my best. I wish I could get it in pill form. He takes three pills (prevacid, melatonin, clonidine) every night with no problem.

Also no problem? The EYE DOCTOR. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, he was a rock star at the eye doctor today. Kiddos with FXS tend to have eye problems, so his pediatrician wanted to get him checked out. His eyesight is fine -- a little farsighted, but normal for his age -- and his eyes are healthy.

We talked about how he prefers the dark, and he said that people with blue eyes tend to be more sensitive to light. So that combined with his FXS is probably why he squints all the time.

The only bad part was when the assistant told me to lay him down -- and I did -- and she just shoved drops in his eyes. He totally freaked out, of course. Next time I will be able to warn him at least! But that was the only time anyone ever touched his face, which I think was part of why things went so smoothly.

While we waited FORTY MINUTES for his eyes to dilate, we got to sit in a dimly lit playroom with a TV and a door. (Doors are important.)

I was surprised that he was able to name the rather abstract symbols for the general test. They used videos and lights to engage him, which was very appropriate and effective. Overall it was a good experience, and I'm not scared at all to take him back in a year. Now, if they say he needs glasses next year, I may lose it. As his teacher commented, this is likely the response we would get if Punkin wore glasses: Eyes? Eyes? Off? Uh OH! Broken! Broken! I throw! Uh oh! Oh no! Broken! I throw! *Snap*

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Holly's Mom said...

Thats great. Holly had her eyes checked for the same FX thing, but she didn't have to have them dialated.