Tuesday, June 30, 2009

punkin's house rules

1. Close all doors at all times, especially before watching movies or eating snacks.
2. Turn off all lights. If mom is cooking, she is allowed the stove light and the sink light only.
3. Shoes and socks are worn together. Socks are never worn alone.
4. If shoes are removed, socks must be removed. If socks are removed, this is grounds for removing all clothing.
5. I don't care if I had a snack at school; I get a snack every day when I come home. I prefer tortilla chips or popcorn and grape juice.
6. When I say, "dance," you dance. Get it?
7. The big couch is mine.


Sarah said...

LOL. I especially love the mandatory dancing!

Holly's Mom said...

So Cute!! Especially the Dance part.

Punkins Oma said...

and everyone must dance--even doctors

Kathy said...

I must say I smiled the most at
#4. When he was here that night, it is hard to get clothes back on him.

Kristiem10 said...

I love it! We have rule #4 at our house.