Monday, June 15, 2009

two things, and only two things

One, I'm pretty sure that Punkin's managed, in the past week, to make up for four years of not hugging me.

And two, my doctor told me on May 26 that she would order a CAT Scan for me to investigate my vision problems (that I doubt very much at this point are due to migraines). Two calls to her office and three weeks later, I finally had it done (last Wednesday). They called last Friday with the results but I missed them and they didn't return my call today. I hate waiting. For anything. I hate it.

That's my story. Also, I really want some white cake with white frosting -- buttercream, not whipped -- and some flowers. Sugar flowers, not smelly ones. I mean, the real ones are nice and all, but they can't feed my sugar addiction.

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FXSmom said...

That was about the age that Matty hit he started hugging. Now on occasion we have to rescue people when he hugs them because he puts them in a monkey death grip.:)