Wednesday, July 15, 2009


You know those stepstools people have in their kitchens that have a seat on them? Punkin fell, sideways, off of one of those today while digging through my parents' cabinets for snacks. It landed on his leg, but all he said was, "popcorn?" Then he pulled their 27inch TV out of the entertainment center and while it landed with a thud and broke, the glass didn't shatter and neither did he. Apparently, THE KID IS MADE OF RUBBER.

He is also a delicate creature, as he has deemed it completely unacceptable to wear the same pull-up for longer than a few hours, soiled or not. Therefore, he is currently sleeping in the buff. We talked about wearing a diaper, but he had already tried all of them on and none of them felt right; he threw them in the garbage one by one. I then suggested underwear; he said -- and I quote -- "yucky."

Mr. Punkin has also developed into quite the smarty pants. When it comes to avoiding tasks, such as drinking a dreaded 1oz of Sprite mixed with Zoloft or a BITE OF PEAR (which, by the way, he had eaten half a can of the night before), he knows exactly what buttons to push. His teacher said something to the effect of: I think he tries to be as disgusting and messy as possible in the hopes that we will be so grossed out that we'll change our minds.

I concur, my teacher friend. I concur.

Let's just move through the list. His first tactic is simple and easily ignored -- throwing and/or spilling. Second, he attempts to spit. But he doesn't really know how to spit without liquid in his mouth, so it turns into a pile of saliva bubbles on his bottom lip. Next comes the snot, as in blowing his nose and rubbing the mucus into his pores. Then, the real doozie, the last hurrah -- taking off his diaper and yelling "poopy." And no, he didn't poop on the carpet; he peed.

More sneakily, though, he tries things like taking his Ritalin and then while putting his reward --the M&M -- in his mouth, removing the pill. Or that pear. That dreaded half a bite of pear. His teacher walked away to grab something and he creened his neck around to watch her as he picked up the miniscule chunk of fruit and moved it off his plate. Turkey is the only word I know. TURKEY.

I also agree with his teacher that a body sox might be a good purchase for home. He has gotten used to using one at his private OT and when his teacher offered him one at nap time, he crawled right in with a huge smile. And then ... wait for it ... HE TOOK A NAP.

Oh, and my parents bought a new TV -- an HD -- to replace the broken one. It came, of course, with a remote. Pretty sure they have five now. I will NEVER be able to watch television there without assistance. Never. Apparently Punkin is not the only one who needs a picture schedule....


Maddy said...

Yes we benefit greatly from the squish and the squeeze. Don't worry though I also need a PEC or two to figure out electronic gadgets.

Kristiem10 said...

I love the picture schedule remark! Too funny. I know how to do our remotes, but when we are at other people's houses, forgetaboutit. Is his Ritalin in liquid form? And tastes yucky? Maybe next time you could get it in capsule form and open the capsule and put it in his regular morning drink? That's what we do with all morning medicines, and they gulp them down without notice.