Sunday, July 26, 2009


Why is that I can see my stray eyebrow hairs so clearly in my rearview mirror, but they seemingly disappear when I stand in front of my bathroom mirror? THEY CHANGE COLOR, PEOPLE.

Have I told you how much I hate the dentist? Because I hate the dentist. Well, technically I hate the drill and the pokey thing and the smells and the electric toothbrush, not the person behind the instruments. Why do people with anxiety disorders have to have bad teeth? (I know, I know, it is technically possible that I have bad teeth in part due to my aversion to the dentist.) Anyway, something is wrong with my tooth. I'm officially going to have to call tomorrow. Hopefully I can get into the University. Hopefully they have a xanax dispenser.

Speaking of medications, Punkin is doing a much better job taking his in the morning. There is a direct correlation between the attention I draw to the process -- including using a picture schedule -- and the amount of medicine that gets thrown in my face. So if anyone needs a picture schedule for taking medication, I have one all made!

I did make a new schedule for his respite workers, though. We haven't had one since we moved, and things haven't been going very smoothly. Isn't it weird? One schedule is a huge success and one is an epic failure.

Anyway, what I intended to say was that I think both meds are working nicely. Hooray!


Kristiem10 said...

I hear you on the dentist anxiety. And I have horrible teeth.

I also have anxiety about Blake taking his medicine. I have been sprinkling his Focalin in a butter bread in the mornings. He loves butter bread, so it shouldn't be a problem, right? But if he doesn't eat it right away, I am all worried, thinking "crap! If he doesn't take it, we'll have bad day!" and trying to coax him into eating it. Which of course, causes him to reject the bread altogether. But I have my own issues, obviously. When I ignore him, he eats it no problem. But I can't ignore it. Arrrggh!

Holly's Mom said...

OMG Kristie, I am so there with you and the taking of meds.. When I "need" Holly to drink a bottle she pushes it away and I am like forcing it on her for 2 hours, then later she wants two in a row when it doesn't matter... Grrr....

But Erika the eye brow thing is the lighting, the sun is way brighter then the florecents in your bathroom! Its funny how things look one way in the bathroom mirror and totally different once I get outside... Yikes!