Tuesday, July 7, 2009

cranky mccrankerton

I had to go to Wal-Mart.

Do I really need to write any more? I mean, doesn't that just sum it all up? What could possibly be more fun than dragging my hyperaroused, hyperactive, under-medicated four-year-old through a giant warehouse-style building glaring with the most offensive flourescent lights known to man and bursting with echoes, music, talking, bodies, and stuff? I mean, really. What could POSSIBLY be more fun than THAT?

How about wasting $60 on ink cartridges for a printer that WON'T WORK? GHahankawhg!!

I'll tell you what is amusing, though: watching said four-year-old run down the aisle clinging to a 24-pack of sausage biscuits, yelling, "Ya ya wookum! Dis is! Ya! BURDER!" What's not amusing? When you GET HOME, realize you forgot something important, and have to go BACK to the most hellish place on earth and the four-year-old laughs in your face when he's put in time-out for the 15th time because he won't stop running away. And he KNOWS. It's not the thrill of the sausage patty anymore; this is plain old defiant, crazed running away.


In happier news, this is the best spill-proof, straw sippy cup I've tried. And I've tried a lot. I guess sucking on a straw provides good deep oral pressure and is a good mouth workout, so after being very disappointed by every fancy cup on the planet, I tried this one, and it is awesome. And when I say I tried it, I mean I actually drank out of it. Because sometimes they're too easy and sometimes they're too hard. And sometimes you can't get them clean or they require an engineering degree to assemble. But this is simple and requires just enough effort. And it's cheap (at The Hellish Store previously known as Wal-Mart). It's by Munchkin.

Also, this teether, available from John Deere, is like crack for my Punkin. ToysRUs has a similar one that's in the shape of a star, but I like the shape and the bumpiness of this one a lot. His private Occupational Therapist gave him this last Thursday and the effect was visible; his entire body relaxed. I had planned on going out and getting one during respite, but I ran out of time. Then I planned on getting one with Punkin, but he decided to run sprints at the store. At least he didn't try throwing shotput with the bottles of juice this time. That was almost REALLY messy.


Punkin's Oma said...

I will get one tomorrow.

Emmyann said...

Sam's club had 4 of those cups for about $5... if you want more for cheap!

FXSmom said...

I love that the teether has John Deere on it!! That is so cool.

Matt has never ran in Wally World but the wee one had. I finally had to go to Walmart when she was in special preschool because she was just tooo much. She didn't see the inside of a Walmart for about 2 years.

Kristiem10 said...

Oy. That sounds tiring. I detest going into No-Mart (Drew's name for it) with the kids. Hate.

I am glad you found a good sippy cup. My kids think they're too big for them. We use non-spillproof restaurant kids' cups with lids. Blake usually uses an open cup. And yeah, that get really messy.

Holly's Mom said...

I'm glad that sippy cup works for you. The straw is actually too hard for holly. She does well with a regular straw, but that one is a bit wider and she can't get anything up. Maybe now that she is eating more regularly and working out those face muscles I should try it again. that teether looks amazing, I will look for it.

I am lucky she still fits in the cart, and though she sorta tries to climb out, she is strapped in and unless she is tired she likes the stimulation of having so much to look at. In most cases she is sensory seeking, except when tired... then I just don;t go to the store, because she can;t be contained.