Tuesday, July 14, 2009

in time, in time

Okay, the Ritalin is definitely helping him slow down and control his impulses. In my experience, though, there's always a week or two where kids who start stimulant meds ride a bit of an emotional rollercoaster until their brains adjust to the idea that the world doesn't, in fact, move as quickly as their bodies used to.

I really still miss the clonidine. He was awake most of the night last night.

And the morning med routine? Well, 45 minutes into it this morning he managed to trash both meds and make me late for work. So, he got out of it. I HATE THAT.


Also, he refuses -- quite vehemently -- to wear underwear. But he's constantly messing with his diaper. Once these meds are regulated, I'm taking the diapers away for good. UGH.


Anonymous said...

ritalin really helped robert. I hope it works for david.

fragilemom said...

Keep us updated! Hope all gets regulated soon.

Kristiem10 said...

I may have missed a post, but why did you take him off the Clonidine? I am glad the Ritalin seems to be doing something. I can finally pick up Blake's Focalin XR today.