Saturday, July 11, 2009

meds update

Thanks for asking about this, Sarah!

The Zoloft is amazing. It really has helped reduce his self-abusive behaviors. He can give me hugs and kisses, and I do think he is talking more.

The Ritalin I am not so sure about. Give me a week or two.

Right now I am desperately missing his Clonidine at night. It may be something he can have with the other meds, but I want to try to keep his number of prescriptions under control. I don't want to just keep adding things.

So he is taking 2mg Melatonin and 15mg Prevacid at night and 1mL Zoloft and 5mg Ritalin in the morning. Kind of a lot for a little guy....


Kristiem10 said...

I am glad the Zoloft is helping. We just got back from Chicago and made some med changes as well. I am about to blog about our trip.

Punkin's Oma said...

Maybe it was the meds, maybe he was worn out from yesterday, but he was awesome in church and at the restaurant. He was so cute sitting quietly up at the altar for the children's sermon, and when he laid on his tummy to look at the book, I wanted to burst. Adorable.

Love you.

Sarah said...

Thanks for this info. Really interesting. We'll have to ask our doc about clonidine. Right now, we're using melatonin every night, and benadryl if needed in the middle of the night. The melatonin always works, the benadryl seems to work about 75% of the time. I guess that's pretty good, but I feel weird giving benadryl for sleep (the doc okayed this use). Interesting about the zoloft helping with talking more. Dr. Hagerman at the MIND suggested we try an SSRI almost a year ago, and we haven't yet, but it's something to think about.

Oekley said...

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