Tuesday, July 21, 2009

my kid is weird

ALEEP! In his Body Sox, with his head hanging off the end of his cot.
Fashion statement. Pants under skirts is SO 2008. Pants under khakis? Keepin' it classy. And yes, he's wearing one of my socks and one of his socks.


Sarah said...


Jennie said...

It's SO much better than I even imagined. Awesome.

Kristiem10 said...

That is great. What a fashionista.

KathleenG said...

What Not To Wear wouldn't touch hime with a 10 foot pole. :)
He was so good on Monday in our room. He looks like he grew a foot since I've seen him last.
I hope you have gotten some sleep, see you soon,

FXSmom said...

Someday his fashion sense will hit the runways :o)

SB said...

he's golden.

Seeing pictures of your son, he reminds me SOOOO much of my Jonathan at that age. It makes me ache. he's a beautiful boy.