Friday, July 10, 2009


I think it was midnight before he fell asleep.

I woke up at 7:25am; I am supposed to be at work at 6:50am.

He refused to take the Ritalin, even though it was on a spoon with water just like the million other pills he's taken in his life. This one was in the MORNING and IN ADDITION TO a semi-new routine of taking the Zoloft. It was all too much.

I've been able to bribe him to drink the Zoloft by offering a sausage biscuit (we all know how he loves those....). Today, he dumped out the Zoloft, so I threw the biscuit away. TEARS. SCREAMING. TEARS. (Let's hope he learned something.) In the midst of all the SCREAMING, though, I shoved the spoon with the Ritalin in his mouth.

It was already 8:10am by then, so he got out of the one med, which I hate, but oh well. I don't have an unlimited supply of Zoloft.

THEN, we stepped outside into The Great Rainstorm of July 2009. Sweet mother of Abraham Lincoln. It. Was. Raining.

I got to work at about 8:20am, looking like a drowned rat at a wet t-shirt contest, minus my water bottle, my lunch, and my sanity.


Sarah said...

I hope your Saturday was better than your Friday! Maybe you've already posted this, and I should check your archive, but I am curious to know more about Punkin's meds and how they work for him (when he takes them).

the other lion said...

The Zoloft is amazing. It really has helped reduce his self-abusive behaviors. He can give me hugs and kisses, and I do think he is talking more.

The Ritalin I am not so sure about. Give me a week or two.

Right now I am desperately missing his Clonidine at night. It may be something he can have with the other meds, but I want to try to keep his number of prescriptions under control. I don't want to just keep adding things.

Laura said...

You are having a week of a week. I just got to read these today. I wish I could be there to lend you a hand or a shoulder.